Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Less Than 2 Months!

I had my last bi-weekly midwife appointment yesterday. I thought I had one more to go, but because I've been having tons of Braxton-Hicks contractions she decided to do an internal check to see what's going on in there. She discovered I'm 1.5 cm dilated and ~20% effaced. While this by no means means labor is imminent, it is enough progress at 35 weeks that she feels I need to start showing up weekly now to monitor how things are going.

After the exam, I felt crampy and yucky. I also have a low-grade cold, so I'm sure that's not helping. By the late afternoon I felt better and took peanut to the park. It was over 80 and sunny so I figured I'd walk\run three miles at best. I started out running and felt pretty good actually. I made it to about .5 miles and all of a sudden I had a stabby pain in my left side. It felt like round ligament pain, which I sometimes get and which usually goes away in a minute or so. This pain just got worse and worse even as I walked and then even as I stood still. UGH. I tried to rest and lean on the BOB but we were in a wooded section of the path and mosquitos quickly saw an opportunity to sneak in their dinner. Before they could do too much damage I started moving us out of there, but I have to say that did not feel good at all! I shuffled us about .25 miles back to a bench and sat their like an old man waiting for my uterus to calm down. I didn't get much relaxing in there since the mosquitos were still out, but it was enough that I was able to make it back to the parking lot.

I didn't want to go right home because peanut would want to stay outside and run around while we waited for mrp to come home. I couldn't chase after him for 40 minutes in the heat so I shuffled us to the swings. At least then I could sit down and peanut would be stuck in the swing! I couldn't wait to be done and go home and hand peanut off to mrp so I could sit. I made it and I did finally sit and that was the only thing that made me feel better.

After peanut's bedtime I felt fine, but tired. I think the exam just p.o.'d my uterus and I exacerbated it by trying to run (in the heat no less--duh!) I'll probably try again today, but maybe start my running around the parking lot a couple of times so I won't have to do the pathetic shuffle back to my car if it's not going well. Or maybe I'll just stick with walking. We'll see.

The good news is that in all likelihood I should have this baby in about 3.5 weeks (I had peanut at 39 weeks) and then if all goes well from there be running again 4 weeks later (I was able to do that last time even after an insane labor). That means less than 2 months until I can really run again. Woo! I am so excited!!! I can't wait to join my friends for track workouts and hit the trails on the weekends and do tempo runs on the rolling road by my in-law's house. And in between I get to put in miles with the double BOB. That scares me, but at the same time the single BOB used to scare me too, so I know I'll adjust. It is going to take a bit more hustle to get my runs in with two kids, but it'll be so so so worth it!

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