Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Old Man Snores

Whoa. It's pouring outside. I have never been one to not get out in the rain. In fact, I like a heavy rain. It's so quiet and peaceful to run in it. But being 33+ weeks pregnant with a toddler to strap in the BOB under the weather shield is really killing my motivation to head out in the pouring rain. It doesn't help that it's only 43 degrees out there.

In other news, peanut has not taken his morning naps in a few days now. He wants to head up to his crib at the normal time, but once there he plays for a good 40 minutes and then starts crying and crying and crying such that it's clear he's not going to sleep. Is this the switch to a single-nap lifestyle? Just in time for a busy week and weekend where I have lots of things planned based on the old nap schedule. So of course it is, right! We'll see.

The other peanut development worth noting is his new found love of cuddling with momma in the mornings. On the weekend mrp and I often bring him in bed with us first thing in the morning to cuddle and play before starting our day. Yesterday, he woke up so darn early and I felt crusty and tired so I brought him in bed with me and he laid with me and cuddled for 15 minutes! This morning he got up at his usual time so I planned to just take him down to play like usual, but he started pointing excitedly to our bedroom. I asked him if he wanted to go in momma and dadda's bed to cuddle and he said emphatically, "Yeah!" So that's what we did and it was so nice. We cuddled and talked about the baby coming. We looked at pictures in my pregnancy books and he hugged my belly and seemed happy to hear about the impending arrival of his little sister. Of course, we'll see how he actually likes it when it happens! And on mornings like this I can't believe this boy will ever sass me! Such a little cuddle-monkey!

I'm trying to head out for this run. I really am, despite still sitting here in my pj's and despite the pouring rain and chilly temps.

Update: About 45 minutes after peanut came down from his first nap attempt he grabbed his blanky and headed to the gate and shook it, the universal sign it's time for a nap! So, a.m. nap take-two and I get to not feel so guilty about being a wuss still sitting here in my pj's watching the rain!

Update #2: Well, 15 minutes into that "nap" we have "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" So much for that!

Update #3: I ended up getting an hour and fifteen minute nap at noon. Not the best, but better than nothing. He tried to get me to take him up around 1:45, but I think he's maybe manipulating me to get to nurse more--still nursing before naps and bed. Hmmm. In other news, the weather blew chunks and I never could get motivated to drag poor peanut out in it. We went to my late afternoon midwife appointment and that's about all we did today! Oh well. There's always tomorrow. Hopefully this is the last heinous weather day for a while!


Michelle Simmons said...

It took Moana like a month to fully make the switch from two naps to one. That was a hard month because I never knew how to plan my day! But one nap is actually pretty good around our house. It's long and I can count on it every day and it also gives us bigger windows of awake time to go out and do bigger/longer fun things. :)

jessica said...

We just went through the two-to-one nap transition with Hank. I had held on to that morning nap as my only solo time with his big sister, but once I realized how much of a daily stress it was to get frustrated over the unpredictability, I was finally able to give it up. Now his afternoon naps are wonderfully dependable.