Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Pregnant Lady's Progress

* As I've mentioned often around here I love helping people achieve their running goals. Whether the goal is to start running or to complete a first marathon or to improve race times, I love helping others! I got another e-mail from an acquaintance seeking my help to advance to the full marathon. While I am not sure I'm the best person for advanced performance training, I do think I have the knowledge, insight and empathy to help beginners and intermediate level runners. And without advertising, I seem to have quite a few people seeking out my assistance, so maybe this is something I need to pursue. I am STILL trying to figure out what to do with my life. Maybe I can make running a bigger part of my professional life than I once thought. I love it love it LOVE IT so that would be really nice! Not sure how to parlay it into something businessy yet, but I've got my thinking cap on. If you have any ideas, do share!

Still chugging along at 32.5 weeks. Got in a solid 4.25 yesterday pushing peanut in the BOB. The weather has been spectacular--a little warm for pregnant running, but not too too bad. Who can complain about mid-70's, low humidity and sunshine?! It's been great for hangin' outside with peanut. We play on the swings after our run and come home and he scoots around on his little bike or kicks the big ball around the yard with me. Sometimes I act like a pregnant lady and sit and blow bubbles while he plays, but I hate being all wussy like that and try to play too. But sometimes I really do need the break.

I've had a couple days of swelling in my hands and feet--mostly over the weekend when it was humid. Last pregnancy the swelling and problems with the blood flow in my legs derailed my running around this time. As I've described here before, I'm sure, lactic acid would fill my legs within minutes of starting to run and I didn't have the blood flow to clear it out so my lower legs burned and I just couldn't run any more. This time I've experienced that feeling a tiny bit, but usually just mildly for a minute or so early in the run. Once I get through a mile or so I've been fine. Hopefully this continues. I do not feel at all as PREGNANT as I felt last time at this stage in the game.

That might have something to do with weight gain. I seem to have plateaued at 35-36 lbs total. I have only gained 1-2 lbs in the past two months. Yeah! I don't know for sure because I stopped finding out my weight half-way through, but I would guess I gained around 50 lbs last pregnancy. I might be able to keep the weight gain this time capped at around 40 lbs total. This would be a beautiful thing! LAst pregnancy I was 30 lbs over my pre-preg weight at 6 weeks post-partum. That is NO fun, I assure you! Sure, by 5 months those 30 lbs were gone. Even if I have 5 fewer lbs to lose, I will be happy! Overall, I am much less worried about it than I was a couple of months ago. I have accepted that it's a small price to pay to make a new fabulous person for this world. It's the least I can do :)

On the peanut front, he just gets cuter and cuter every day. I know every mom says that and I don't care. It's true! He's sitting on the couch playing with his tractor and practicing his words. Momma! Dadda! Brrrrrr. Brrrrr. Bum. Bum. Bum. Oh! He just saw a school bus! "Bah! Bah!" he says with a floppy-handed wave. He is such a little boy now. It seems to happen right before my eyes. Yesterday, we visited my friend JenC and her one-month old son. Peanut was very gentle with the baby and had no problem with me holding him. Phew! That made me happy. (Also, for the record baby boy is CUTE! How happy I am for Jen!) On our way home from our visit I asked peanut if he liked the baby and he emphatically said, "Yeah!" I think we're fairly ready for #2!

*I need to post more photos around here, don't I?


Michelle Simmons said...

I've been officially coaching runners and triathletes for 5 months now and LOVE it! It really is great. Like anything, it has it's challenges, but in the end I'm really glad I went for it. I think it has improved my own performances as well because I've done so much reading and research on training philosophies so I tend to follow a better plan for myself now as well. GO FOR IT! :)

And yes, I think our kids do just get cuter and cuter all the time. I'm still (at 18 months) thinking that every month just gets better with Moana.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I found your blog and just had to comment since I gained 60lbs with my last pregnancy and like you lost it all by 5 months postpartum. I am pregnant with #2 and am really hoping that I don't gain that much weight again.

Catching up with Jessica said...

Wow, fun times! Coaching would be so fulfilling for you, I think. I love educating and empowering people and Michelle is right, it helps you, too.

I can't wait to have a little peanut (I'm half of you...16 weeks) but I don't look forward to the weight gain. I thought I had a great workout week and felt fit, yeah! But gained 2 pounds. This is my first and I'm not used to that...seems backwards! Kuddos for losing it in 5 months! how? I need tips! I guess the old fashioned diet and swimbikerun! Love it!

Ness said...

Im a runner a pregnant with my first.
I read how you managed to keep running while pregnant. Well i dont have an issue beside my morning sickness last all day and i cant even think about running it started at week 7 and now i am at week 12. I am hope it ease out but did your morning sickness prevented you from running? How long it lasted?

Thank you