Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rain Don't Mean a Thing

Yesterday I met some of my favorite running buddies for a few miles and a pot-luck brunch at the park. I woke up to pouring rain and figured no one would show up, but much to my surprise my friends are troopers! Four of us got in four miles in the rain: AR, CV, Evie and me. When we were finished, NC and E joined us for food. Great way to salvage a rainy morning!

I was a little surprised though, that I was only up for 4 miles. It wasn't that long ago I was running 8-10 once a week. The last few weeks my "long" run has been down to 6, but that was very doable. Yesterday, 4 was it. I was done. Even with great company and a very easy pace. Hmmm.

It was nice to have the company of my old once a week running partner Evie though. Almost all last year, Evie and I met up once a week to run at the local park. Then she got pregnant. Then I got pregnant. I think we only ran once or twice while both pregnant. Either she struggled with an injury or I struggled with morning sickness and then the winter came. With all of that our runs were history. She had her son, ND about a month ago and she's back up and running. My running is on the way out so we were perfect running partners once again. Hooray! I am looking forward to many more runs together this summer and beyond! And soon we can add in playdates!

But all four of us were perfect together really. AR just ran her stellar 3:06 at the Cleveland Marathon on Sunday and the removal of her gall bladder on Monday (crazy!) and CV is recovering from a very nasty hamstring injury so none of us were at our prime to say the least. Even the rain was perfect. It felt really good, breaking up the warm muggy air.

After our little party in the park, E came home with me to hang out since her hubby was out of town and we don't get to hang out much these days. She ended up spending all day playing with peanut and yapping with me about this and that. She helped me straighten up the house. She watched peanut while I peed a million times and mrp transplanted his tomatoes. She even stayed for my gourmet dinner of Trader Joe's pizzas and salad, finally sharing a Hoe Gaarden with mrp that they had been planning since her 3:05 pr in Columbus last fall.

A very nice day, indeed.

Today the weather is beautiful: sunny and 70's. I feel like poo. I was getting dressed to head out for a few miles, but hit the bed half way through. I was just too tired. I thought of something Evie told me a while back. In a few months when we are in the thick of training there will come a time when we'll really wish we could take a day off. That day off will serve me better today. So, once peanut is up from his nap we'll go for a walk in the park instead and I'll take a rain check for that run, cashing it in in a few months when I'm starting to fit back in my clothes and the miles are starting to flow like they used to.


Sandy said...

My knee hurts sitting here on the computer so the idea of running....ouch.

Doing some blog walking and wanting to say hi to fellow Ohioan and knitter.

Keep up with the good training.


Catching up with Jessica said...

You're so tough! I've been cashing in on my naps already and I'm only in week 19! I will refer back to your blog frequently for inspiration. Already, I too, cannot wait to see my normal clothes back on my body. Keep truckin' for all of us and thank goodness for good friends, good rain and good running!