Friday, May 21, 2010

Still Running and Surprise! Peanut had a Gross Disease and I Didn't Even Know It!

35 weeks tomorrow and still chugging along. I was downtown for a meeting with a student yesterday a.m., so I took the opportunity to meet my old co-worker and friend ML for a run. It was fun to catch up on the ol' office happenings, while I managed to keep up with a 25 year old guy pretty easily. Sure, sure, he was holding way back and working very hard not to two-step me the whole way, but we can just ignore that part!

It's funny. I used to run that same route almost every day when I was pregnant last time and this time I ran it faster and more effortlessly than at almost any point during my last pregnancy. I've gained considerably less weight at this point than I did last pregnancy, so maybe that's it. Maybe I am less cautious and just run. I have no idea. But I like it!

That's not to say that running is easy right now. My hips feel all loosey-goosey these past couple of weeks and my shoes are ancient and not helping. I even had a little it band issue on Tuesday, but I found an older pair of shoes that had a few miles left in them and wore those yesterday and I felt much better. I was worried it was my bod caving in, but it was the shoes. Phew! I might almost make it to the end this time! I might only be running 2-3 miles at a pop, but who cares. I am still enjoying it.

Oh. And a nap update--what you've all been waiting for! Last I left you with this story, it seemed like peanut might be making the one-nap switch. Well, it turns out he wasn't teething a month or so ago when he was all fussy and weird and his sleep schedule starting getting all crazy. Turns out that he had hand, foot and mouth disease. Poor guy! It was so hard to tell because he had a fever on and off for a week, drooled a ton, had diaper blow-outs, kept his fingers in his mouth, and generally acted like he was teething. He never had a fever with teething before, but I figured maybe the 2-yr molars were particularly awful.

And around the same time I noticed peanut walking funny and then blisters on his big toes. I just figured I was a jerk and didn't realize his shoes were getting too small, so I bought him new shoes and he seemed better. And then we noticed his fingers weirdly peeling and some funny dots on them, but I figured it was from sucking on them when he was teething.

It was three weeks since he first started acting funny and he still had the dots on his hand and I also noticed them on his butt and upper legs. I asked the pediatrician about them at his 18 month appointment and she helped me put two and two together. I have to say I am so relieved I didn't know what he had when he had it because I would have felt awful!! Anyway, the rash has since cleared up.

In the meantime, peanut's sleep schedule was thrown off. He was waking up super early and not napping so well. Then he started refusing naps for a while there. But since the HFM cleared up he's back to sleeping from 7:00-7:00 at night and taking two naps from 1:15 - 2:00 at a pop! I am so happy to have my good sleeper back! It makes a huge difference in his mood and mine! I am having a harder time keeping up my energy without some serious rest time later in the day, so a nice long afternoon nap helps get me through.

Tomorrow a few friends are heading up to the park with me to run and brunch. My mom might even come. Looking very forward to it! It's going to be a good weekend. I can feel it!


Nitsirk said...

We just took our guy to the Dr and got the same diagnosis. He doesn't have any skin rash though but the doc saw a canker in his mouth and his fever went up to 103 today. He also has been drooling a ton and putting his fingers in his mouth and I also thought it was teething. Go figure. Apparently it is quite common. Hope Peanut is feeling better.

DC Running Mama said...

Nathan had HFM disease this past fall...but he never blistered or anything...he was just a miserable baby for a week. There's ot much they can do for it, right? Hope the condensed nap comes soon!