Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still Truckin'

* So earlier this week I was experiencing tons of prelabor contractions and felt downright awful. With that along with knowing I'm dilating and effacing, I was starting to worry #2 was going to come way earlier than I thought. However, on Wednesday morning I got out of bed and looked down at my belly and noticed it had changed. #2 dropped! Since then, although I feel a lot more low pressure and discomfort, I generally feel much better. The contractions have lightened up a lot and I have run twice and felt pretty good.

Speaking of running, I have more or less fallen off a cliff and am now really waddling when I run. I am lucky to run 10:00 pace anymore. While I don't need walk breaks necessarily, I've been forcing myself to take one every mile or so since it's been pretty hot out.

On Friday I ran with my buddies JenC and Evie and sons. Everything was going great and I felt really good despite the 80 degrees. We were cruising for 4 miles, but right around 3.5 I felt a super weird feeling low low down in my belly. #2 was moving around and pushing on something weird. I leaned over on the BOB and told my friends I needed to stop. I tried to explain it wasn't a big deal, just uncomfortable. I'm sure it looked like I was going into labor or something, but it wasn't contractions or cramping at all, just baby movements on a weird spot. We walked and she moved off the nerve or whatever she was on within a couple of minutes and I was fine. I always feel like I must seem like a crazy freak to still run when stuff like that happens, but really I felt great otherwise so I'll keep on trucking while I can!

I'm not sure I have the will to run by myself anymore, though. I'm up for a slow 3-4 miler any time. Just let me know if you'll be in the neighborhood and let's meet up!

* While I am up close to 40 lbs now, this is not me.


jsmarslender said...

Love the picture! : ) Good job on keeping on.

S Club Mama said...

You can hardly run a 10:00 pace?! That's fast for me!!! I'm super impressed! I started running after my second was born but I'm hoping if/when I'm pregnant again I'll run throughout that one. :D

found you via RLAM

allanjel said...

Sounds like it's almost time!! I really hope your labor is a little quicker and just as healthy this time around. I miss OB already.