Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take That!

* As I mentioned yesterday, I had my 33 week midwife appointment yesterday. I actually lost a pound since my last appointment. That means in the last 2.5 months I've only gained a pound. I saw a different midwife from the practice than I usually see and only after I told her I was running around 20 miles a week still did she seem at all concerned about my recent lack of weight gain. She asked me to make sure I'm eating enough. I responded by pointing out that I have the same eating habits I've had all along and I gained 35 pounds in the first 23 weeks of the pregnancy! Then she wasn't at all concerned. Plus, I'm measuring spot on for 33 weeks and #2's little heart sounds good and is moving a ton so no worries. Phew!

I have to say I do feel somewhat vindicated that I haven't gained much weight these last couple of months. I always knew I wasn't over-indulging or otherwise doing something gluttonous such that I normally would gain so much so fast. I knew my body just has a way of packing it on early when I'm pregnant. Now I wish I knew how much I actually weighed the last few months of my last pregnancy. Although judging from the fact I weighed not much less than I do now at 6 weeks post-partum, I think I gained a lot more last time than I will this time. Who knows. As long as everyone's healthy, who cares? But now we're in the final weeks, #2 should really be packing on the chub, so I expect that the scale will start creeping up again. C'est la vie.

In other news, peanut woke up on the early side again. However, I am really interested to know whether he is trying to move to one nap or just trying to get back on his schedule after a busy weekend. So, I kept him busy until his normal nap time even though he got his blanky and went to the gate at the bottom of the stairs several times before that. We played on the tricycle in the basement and played with blocks and vacuumed and got yelled at for playing with the treadmill cord (well, I yelled at him for that).

I also slew a massive spider. I never was good about dealing with bugs. I'd kind of freak about them actually. But once I became a mom, I didn't want the massive spiders and other creepy crawlies hurting my baby so I've found the strength to wield the shoe with ferocity! I still freak on the inside, but on the outside I am the queen of spider-slaying!

The weather is still not particularly inviting, but it's not as horrid as yesterday. I have peanut's 18 month appointment (although he still has 9 days to go--I'm not ready for him to be closer to 2 than 1 already!) mid-day, but later we will hit the park and today nothing will stop us!

It's been a half an hour since I put peanut up for his nap and it's quiet. Looks like today I'll at least get a morning nap. Although it's a pain to plan around 2 naps, it's the schedule I'm very used to now and it also seems to me that peanut isn't quite ready for the one-nap conversion. I'm sure it will happen soon, but I think I have a little more time. We shall see!

* This photo isn't exactly helping me make the case that I'm now some sort of badass now. Oh well!

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Catching up with Jessica said...

I love your blog! Insight into my proud of your spider killing skills lately! I am the same way! So interesting the last 2.5 months you haven't gained any but as you note it is due to the fact you gained it early on. I love how different all of our bodies can be! Maybe us runners are really different! I can't wait to hear all about life in your last few weeks!