Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day (for once)

Looks like I didn't need to sign mrp's Father's Day card from #2, afterall. Still pregnant. I did have contractions all last night, though so I know I'm going into labor very soon. It's just frustrating to have so many false starts. It wears me down. I was hoping this time would be a little better than last time, as far as all this false labor stuff. Apparently not. That likely means this baby is also sunny-side up so I'm working on doing my pelvic rocks to try to get her to flip over and get on with the show!

In the meantime, I am trying hard not to dwell on it. It's hard not to get excited every time my contractions start up. All I can do is stay busy. I've been walking every day. I've walked over 20 miles this week already. It feels good and makes me feel somewhat normal. Even though I was still having contractions this morning I went with mrp to peanut's gym class and ran around and participated. It felt funny jumping and running around, but it was fun and kept my mind off of the whole am-I-or-am-I-not-going-into-labor thing.

In the end, it doesn't matter when she comes. I still feel relatively good even with contractions from time to time and not being able to run. I otherwise feel so much better than last time. I still have a lot of energy and don't feel quite as gargantuan and gangly and out-of-shape. I can still play with peanut and do all of that fun stuff so whatever. It really is all the false-labor teasing that's driving me nuts about it! Otherwise, I really would be ok about it.

In any event, I hope you all have a lovely Father's Day. This is the first Father's Day I've celebrated in YEARS. I couldn't even get into last year with it being mrp's first and all. It was just too sad for me without a dad and all. I thought I might have more trouble this year since my grandfather died, but I haven't at all. I am happy about celebrating what a wonderful dad mrp is and even happy reflecting on my own dad and grandfather. Maybe it's because mrp's about to be a dad again that makes it that much happier an occasion this year, but whatever it is, it's nice. And I'm happy. Just still pregnant :)


Catching up with Jessica said...

You're going into labor soon! I'm so excited for you (although it must be so scary). Your big event/race is here, baby! I will be following your blog. Good luck and congrats!

kyle the girl said...

I really think that Grandpa helped. His death was so peaceful and expected in contrast with Dad's that it just changed my feelings about death and loss in general. I'm really glad you had a nice Father's Day, and I'm glad you have MRP to make it great!