Saturday, June 05, 2010

Lucky Lady

Life is good! Peanut slept 13 hours last night and then took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. Woohoo! This is a schedule I can get down with. The previous four days of one nap only got me a 45 minute nap and I was starting to freak out. Peanut started sleeping in an extra hour since we dropped the a.m. nap, but that was not enough to mitigate the shortening of the afternoon nap. I don't have the stamina right now to go 11 uninterrupted hours with a toddler and I'm not sure that's going to change any time soon. I was freaking about how the heck I was going to take care of said toddler and his newborn sister all by myself with no real nap on his part. I was considering looking for a job and a good daycare! Just kidding of course, but it was seriously scary.

On the running front, I'm still running. I ran 3.5 with JenC and BS on Wednesday and then 4 miles yesterday with JenC and Evie. I LOOOOOOOOOVE having all these new mom friends. It really has been awesome to have buddies to talk babies and pregnancy and running and all kinds of other stuff. I think I'd be a lunatic without them--at least more of a lunatic :) Besides these awesome ladies, I have several other non-running friends who are pregnant or just had babies and have little boys around peanut's age. I've been trying to have at least a play date a week alongside my running dates, so we've been busy and peanut's been having some fun times. These last few weeks of pregnancy can just drag, so it helps me to stay busy and connected.

Speaking of these last weeks, unfortunately all that prelabor stuff I was talking about a while back has pretty much gone and I feel fine--like I'll be pregnant for another month. I'm hoping I have #2 at 39 weeks like with peanut, but I'm starting to believe it might not happen. Oh well. I feel good. I am soooo ready to get on with it and meet this girl, but life is good this way too. I am enjoying my time with just peanut and mrp and dates with friends so I'll be happy if she's early, on time, or *gasp* even late.

Lastly, this is totally on a different subject, but I must discuss this awesomeness! My dear friend E has just been tearing it up out there on the roads, racing 37:36 for 10k last month and then averaged 6:01 pace over a 5.25 hilly course last weekend. THE elite women's team in the state asked her to be a part of their Columbus 10k team tomorrow. I am so excited for her! Can't wait to hear how it goes. So cheer her on while you're on your own run, at church or eating pancakes or whatever it is you're doing tomorrow morning. Go E!!!


Catching up with Jessica said...

So cool about your fast friend! I was just thinking today how hard being preggo is w/out friends/a support group. We just moved to TX 2 months ago and I have left friends and my family is states away. Yes, count your blessings you have like minded friends...priceless.

E-Speed said...

We are both very lucky ladies :) Can't wait to meet that baby girl!