Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My Little Pillow Fluffer

So this is day #3 of no a.m. nap. The past three days peanut wanted to go up for his nap at 9:00 a.m. but all three days he's refused to sleep and ended up playing up there for 30-45 minutes before crying to come back down. Maybe this time he'll actually make the switch. I am going to try to not put him down until at least 12:30 tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll nap longer than the 45 minutes he napped in the afternoon today!

The only other thing this weird sleep thing could be is maybe his naps are screwed up because he's really going through a hardcore verbal developmental stage. He's been saying a new word almost every day the last week or so. He says "wow" and "whoa" and "moo" and "all done, momma" and "all done, dadda" and "Waa waa waa" (that's what a baby says, you know :) He's not just saying the words he's using the words and phrases appropriately. It's crazy. He went from saying about 5 words to about 15 words and a few phrases within a couple of weeks!

Although this might be contributing to my nap issues, I'm going to try to make the one-nap switch since he's well within the age range for that. I'm a bit wary of so fundamentally changing up our schedule so close to the arrival of #2, but it seems like this is where we need to go. Hopefully, we'll have 3 weeks or so to adjust to the new schedule before #2's big day!

In other news, I am working on two aspects of myself right now. I've mentioned the money issue--I am working to be less emotional and more straight-forward about how I deal with money. The other big thing I'm working on is becoming better about cleaning. I know this is kind of pathetic, but I really struggle with the discipline required by housekeeping. I have never been much for housework and think I survived pre-peanut just because I was never home between work and running. Now I'm home all the time with a toddler no less, so the house has really suffered.

Over the last month or so I've been determined to ride the wave of the nesting instincts that come with the last weeks of pregnancy and I haven't disappointed myself! I've managed to keep my kitchen clean and I cleaned the disaster that was our bedroom (e.g. I had piles of work clothes on the floor that had not been touched since I quit). Our bedroom is so neat and organized and I LOVE it! Over the last year of utter chaos in this messy house I think I have really come to appreciate housekeeping and its impact on happiness. I've even been making the bed. Today was day 5 in a row of making the bed and it is just so heavenly to have a nice made bed to sit on with peanut and cuddle and play.

Another thing I've realized is what a bad example my slobbiness is to my children. I don't want peanut and #2 to be completely blind to mess like I was and I want them to have a strong sense of self-discipline and a strong work ethic. To that end, I try to include peanut in the housekeeping activities. If I'm wiping something I give peanut a paper towel to "help." Each morning when I make the bed, peanut fluffs the pillows. He hits each one as I place it on the floor and after he hits the last one he jumps on the pile. It is so adorable! I need to get a photo tomorrow!

Anyway, so that's what I've been up to in between my piddly little 3-3.5 mile runs. I plan to run tomorrow and Friday for sure. We'll see how that goes. I'm 36.5 weeks, so at least I've made it 2.5 weeks longer than last pregnancy!

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