Friday, June 11, 2010

Prebaby Procrastinating

Ugh! How has it been so long since I last posted? I have been struggling mightily with staying motivated to do anything other than lay around or spend time outside with peanut. I have no motivation to do my teeny-tiny contracting job or any of the other myriad tasks I have on my list that have nothing to do with prepping for labor. It's bugging me because I know once #2 comes I will be even less motivated to get stuff done, at least for a few weeks. Oh well.

Surprisingly I'm still running. I logged about 4 miles total today with most of it running. There were some walking breaks but not really all that many compared to the previous few times out there. I have been doing much more walking generally. Running just doesn't feel good some days. I get very crampy and sometimes struggle with round ligament pain among other exciting sensations. So I try to run and some days it works out and some days it doesn't. Such is the life of a pregnant woman in week 38!

I am feeling so ready to have this baby. I have lots to do, as I said above, but otherwise I am so ready to get on with it. I want to experience labor, meet this little lady and move on! At the same time I am working hard to enjoy these last days with just peanut and mrp. They've been great days for the most part. Peanut is joy personified. He makes me so unbelievably happy--happier than I ever thought possible and parenting with mrp is just so fun. Parenting has added a wonderful new dimension to our partnership. Mrp has never been a very emotional, expressive or affectionate person--at least these things do not come easy to him--so it gives me such joy to see mrp and peanut palling around and cuddling and to watch mrp truly nurture his son (who ADORES daddy! Whoa does that kid love his dad!) Those things come very easy to me, so while mrp works hard to get his nurturer on, I'm working hard to do all that boring administrative crap that needs to get done to support our family. (Although I need to work harder as I'm still typing this post!)

Yeah, surprisingly after months of feeling angsty this pregnancy (over weight gain, feeling like crap and out of my running groove) the last couple of months have really been some of the best weeks of my life. I mastering the art of housekeeping, confronting my money management demons and savoring the splendor of these most simple things. Even running provides me so much joy, whether it's supporting my fast friends, my sister or my new mom friends getting back into shape post-baby or logging 3 miles myself waddling behind the BOB.

Now I just need to find joy in the boring crap I need to get done before #2 arrives!


Katie said...

I was envious and thought you may be busy having your baby since it had been so long since you updated!

Mnowac said...

Those last few weeks are so tough. Hang in there! Little Frannie will be here before you know it. I could write the same exact thing about Gary, its so great to see them become these great loving expressive fathers!.

Trisaratops said...

So so soooooooo excited for you to meet your little girl! Peanut will be such a great big brother. Watching the two of them together will be so awesome! Hope to see ya next week if I can! :)

Catching up with Jessica said...

I'd be so nervous if I were you! Wow, week close! I'm getting butterflies thinking about sorry that was a kick, but awesome to be so close to meeting your little one (really to just have it all over...I'm already ready to throw in the towel). Glad to hear you're still running, though. Very encouraging for me to hear! Keep us close!!!