Monday, June 21, 2010

Why is that Lady Hoarding BOB Strollers?

When I was about 6 weeks pregnant, I found a great deal on a used BOB double jogging stroller. I snatched that baby up and thought I was all set to continue on running with two kids in tow post delivery.

Fast forward to Friday. I was sitting on my garage step awkwardly putting my shoes on when I happened to start reading the unopened BOB infant car seat adapter box next to me. I saw a little chart that spelled out the BOB strollers that the car seat adapter would work with and I realized the BOB duallie I bought on Craigslist was too old. D-oh!

I dialed up ol' BOB customer service on the phone and asked the customer service dude if they had an car seat adapter that might fit my older model duallie. He regretfully said they didn't and I hung up and in my 39 week pregnant hormonal best started to cry. SHIT! That thing is my freedom!

Now I have to figure out plan B just days (hours? minutes? seconds? I really am an optimist!) before #2's arrival. I'm definitely going to sell the used blue BOB Duallie Sport Utility Stroller (It's in great shape if you know anyone in the market for one, just let me know!) and perhaps sell the single (still undecided about that). In the meantime I'll be awaiting the delivery of a shiny new yellow double Ironman. I LOVE my single Ironman, so I can't say this is a totally bad situation. I am so used to running with the lightweight Ironman and it's sleek fast fixed wheel tires that I find a lot of comfort in the idea I get to keep on using one for years to come! Plus, obnoxious yellow's more my color.

Anyway, just another case of pregnancy brain over here. I'll spare you the story of how I forgot to pay the water bill for 3 months and finally did only to pay the hospital (which I haven't owed money to in years and just happens to be one payee up on the payee list in my on-line banking) instead of the water company and how it will take 2 months for them to return the money. UGH.


Trisaratops said...

Oh noooooooooo! That would be enough to throw me over the edge, too. :) Hang in there--it will work out for you somehow!

Tell that baby girl that Emery wants to meet her new friend and to get out already! :) Thinking of you!

Jrahn said...

I'm having my second in January (the babes will be 17 months apart). I shelled out a ton for the first Bob, and can't live without it. Now I'm frustrated to have to buy a Duallie so soon! Didn't I JUST do this?! :)