Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Bladders

Peanut's watching Ellen and standing in the recliner. # 2 is in the swing. I am taking a break from folding laundry. It's already 4:45 p.m.

Things are going well in that we have had no injuries and we're all surviving, but it's kind of nuts around here. I more or less just fly by the seat of my pants all day. Gone are the days of planning a nice day of stimulating activities. I realize now how spoiled I was with one kid. Last summer I felt overwhelmed by just peanut. I was a serious wuss!

I am really lucky though. Peanut is adapting very well. We had a few days of worrying he was going to maim poor #2. He hit her and poked her a little too hard and a little too often for our taste. Now he pats her and kisses her if he pays attention to her at all. We've had a few moments where he was sick of me not being able to pay attention to him because I was nursing her for too long, but otherwise he's been great.

I've managed to take them both to the park and get a walk the last few days. I even mixed in a little running in yesterday and today. I just did very short running intervals just to get the legs moving and to remember how to run. The only problem is that I went out today with a full bladder and I paid for that mistake! I should have taken the three minutes to pee before heading out. I had a much easier delivery and the recovery is going great, but my pelvic floor muscles are still weak and need some time to recover. I can't take them for granted right now and must remember to pee before heading out for any kind of bouncy exercise! It's a horribly embarrassing problem, but a common one so I've heard. Any other momma's experience the peeing of the pants on the run after baby?

All right, Justin Bieber or whatever that dumb kid is on Ellen and peanut is screaming at the tv (I'm hoping in disgust!) Time to go!


Nitsirk said...

I had that problem big time and still do sometimes. I had a really tough delivery and I ended up going to physical therapy to deal with the postpartum damage. The thing that helped the most was Kegels. Also be careful about doing too much too soon. Oddly I have found that if I have too much caffeine (ie coffee before a morning run) I have more trouble. It will get better. You are already miles ahead of where I was at that point. Just go easy and really focus on Kegels. Congrats on #2 and on already running. It probably took me 5 months to be running again after Jack!

I'd Rather Play Outside said...

Salty does not have Bieber fever.

Congratulations on #2!

jsmarslender said...

Must have felt good to get the legs running again! I had the same bladder issues after Claire - not for too long, though. My doctor told me to do Kegels and to stop the flow while peeing and I just remember thinking: this should not be that difficult!

Good luck easing back into running. You'll be all set when those perfect fall days come. And glad to hear Peanut is doing well with his sister. Keep taking it a day at a time. : )

Jrahn said...

You're scaring me. I have a 10 month-old and another one due in six months. I'm already doubting my ability to do this. Please let us all know if it gets easier or harder. I could really do with some peace of mind (much like you could probably do with 12 hours of sleep). I'm wishing you the best....

chelle said...

I'm sitting here doing my Kegels as I read this. I should just set an alarm on my phone for 5 times a day so I remember to keep doing them. Ugh...your blunt honesty is a good reminder.

Deep breaths darlin'...you've got a lot going on right now!