Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The In-Between Time

So, at 2 a.m. on my due date, I woke up greeted by blood. It kind of alarmed me (it was more bloody than the bloody show I'd been experiencing for the preceeding few days). I called the midwife on call and told her about it. She didn't seem concerned and told me it could just be from rapid cervical changes and not to worry about it unless it became heavier.

Meanwhile, my contractions were steady, but mild. I bounced on the exercise ball and watched some tv. I didn't even wake mrp up yet. About an hour and a half later I got up to get a glass of water and I felt a slight gush. I went to the bathroom and I discovered I was bleeding pretty heavily. I went in to tell mrp about it. Half asleep he said, "I think it's just prelabor." This annoyed me and I responded sharply, "what makes you think that?" and then I showed him the blood. Suddenly he was awake and dialing the midwife on call. I talked to her and she said to come in to the hospital to get checked out. Bleeding isn't necessarily a problem, but it can be.

My original plan was to stay at home and labor there as long as possible. Well, change of plans. Oh well. We called my mom and waited for her to come to watch peanut. We left around 5 a.m.

We got to the hospital and they sent me to triage where I was checked by two ob residents. The first checked and said I was 6 cm. Woohoo! The more senior one checked and disagreed. She thought I was more like 4-5 cm. They both said they thought the blood was from my cervix and to not worry about it. They left it up to us if we wanted to be admitted or to go home and come back later. If the bleeding was no big deal, then we didn't want to be admitted quite yet. Yet, at the same time we didn't want to go all the way home. It's a half hour drive without traffic, plus I didn't want to confuse peanut any more than he probably already was. And something inside me said stay close to the hospital. So we decided to walk to a local Starbucks and hang out for a couple of hours. We left the hospital at 6:30 a.m.

We made it to Starbucks and mrp napped in the chair like a homeless man while I watched Six Feet Under dvd's on my lap top. My contractions were still pretty mild and the bleeding hadn't gotten worse so we decided to take a walk through the charming ethnic neighborhood near the hospital. My contractions were demanding more of my attention--of course I got one as we entered every intersection so I had to hobble across the street. It was actually pretty fun. Probably doesn't sound like it, but it was.

I had to pee, so I went in to a pastry shop. The bleeding had picked up a lot. This could not be right, I thought. I came back out and mrp and I sat on a bench and talked about what to do. After a call to our doula and our own assessment of the situation we decided to head back to the hospital. Of course black clouds started rolling in so we tried to walk quickly--not easy in labor! We made it back around 10:00 a.m. without getting poured on.

We decided to wait until 10:30 to head back up to labor and delivery just to make it a full four hours between the time we left the hospital the first time and going back. I hoped to at least get to a solid 5 centimeter dilated before being admitted. We people watched and joked around for our last half hour of freedom and then we decided to head upstairs.

Once up in labor and delivery we were sent back to triage. I explained to the nurse who we were and when she heard that I was the bleeder she immediately admitted us. I guess they were waiting.

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