Thursday, July 22, 2010

The New Path

The one good thing about my grandma is that I haven't had time to hit the park and therefore have not been able to run before I'm ready. I will probably start consistently mixing in running intervals next week and then do continuous runs starting in August. Of course, I'll see how I feel. If it's too much, it's too much. I'm not in a rush. Really!

Yes, even though I'm still about 25-30 lbs heavier than I want to be right now I am not in a rush. I even went clothes shopping yesterday to get something to wear to the funeral and as mortifying as it was to have to buy clothes 4 sizes bigger than normal (4 sizes!) I know I will drop the weight like a stone (in retrospect) with just living my life. No need to force anything.

I am getting really excited about training again though. I have a fuzzy plan in my head and an otherwise open mind. I believe I have a lot of improvement in me and I can't wait to tap into my well of potential reserves and see where that takes me. I can't wait to run with friends again and make new ones along the way. I feel like I've been hibernating for 10 months and I'm about to crawl out of my cave and see the sun.

A great thing about any comeback is that when it starts the skies the limit! I'm full of hope and anticipation to see where this new path will take me.

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Mnowac said...

I would love to run with you while you are making your comeback to running, while you are still "slow" enough that I can hang with you!