Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toilet Water

Today started out craptacularly poopy. I woke up to a mountain of dishes and it went downhill from there. #2 decided that she didn't want to sleep for a couple of hours this morning so I was trying to soothe her while chasing peanut around. Most of the time I failed at both. #2 remained fussy while peanut wrote on his leg with a pen, tried to climb in the infant car seat innumerable times, hogged the glider so I was stuck nursing and soothing on a broken recliner, whined because I wouldn't read gigantic books on my lap while holding the baby, etc. The cherry on top came several minutes after I finally was able to put #2 down for a few minutes without her wailing. I was brushing my hair when I heard the toilet lid open. Before I could react I heard the telltale splash. UGH! I hate when peanut splashes in the toilet. GROSS!!!! I threw my brush down and grabbed his hand and marched him into the kitchen where I dried it off then coated it in hand sanitizer. I feel like some sitcom character cliche.

Luckily, my day was broken up with a visit from Evie and her peanut. I felt like I probably wasn't the best company, but her visit helped put the morning's events in the past and let us start fresh. After Evie and son left, my kiddos and I napped for 2 hours which was great and then went to visit my dying grandmother.

My paternal grandmother has just days left. Like my maternal grandfather who died this past Easter Sunday, She has untreatable cancer and we've been watching her wither so gracefully for months now. She was so excited to meet #2 and she did and since then she's really really gone down hill. In fact, she hasn't eaten since Sunday and was barely conscious while I was there today. It's so sad, but since we all have to go sometime she doing it the best way possible it seems. Her pain is managed well and she has had lots of time to spend with her family over these last few months. She's at home and comfortable. What more could anyone ask for, I guess.

But knowing it's the end of one life really makes me appreciate these beginnings I witness everyday. What's a little toilet water going to hurt in the long run?


Mindi said...

Aw, sorry about your grandmother.

As for today, welcome to the next 3 years of your life. ;)

Viper said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. It's good that she is surrounded by such caring family.

Amusingly, this is the second blog in a row that I've seen the mention of babies playing in the toilet: