Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Months

It's been two months now since #2 was born. Perhaps because of this small milestone I've been reflecting on her birth quite a bit the last few days. It was such an intense experience and I shocked myself with my ability to confront the pain and GET.IT.DONE. in a way I have never ever done before. When I was scared and wanted to quit, begging mrp to find me drugs there was really no way out and I had to enter the pain. I couldn't run from it like I so often do.

In my everyday life I have used this experience to cut through the boredom and get the cleaning done or my contract work done. I have used it to discipline peanut when it would be easier to give in to his 21 month old demands. Soon I hope to use it to lay down a killer workout and then eventually to power through the final miles of a race like I powered through the final stage of delivery. All these little things pale in comparison to what I did 2 months ago.

When something looks yucky or scary to deal with, I think back to my labor and how much I wanted out of the pain, but how freakin' amazing it was that once I let go and went with it I was able to do something magical. And it really wasn't anything to be afraid of. I didn't die. In fact, in the thick of it I was more alive than I have ever been. And I am much happier surmounting the little everyday molehills head on.

And with that, this week's numbers:

Mon: 6 (2x BOB) Had to up the effort the last two after #2 decided to start crying. She actually fell back asleep with about .25 to go, but it felt good to open up the stride and shake some speed out.

Tue: 6 (2x BOB) Went out later in the afternoon and peanut was super chatty and not trying to sneak in an illegal nap like he does on our morning runs (we like to save naps for the crib!)

Wed: 7 (2x BOB) Met up with 4 other friends and their BOBs. Super fun!

Thu: Off.

Fri: 6 (2x BOB) Met 3 friends and BOBs at the towpath. Felt sluggy, but got it done and had fun doing it.

Sat: 8 (alone!) First run this week with a watch. Averaged 8:56! Woot! Super hilly route near my in-laws. I love it, but it's super challenging especially when I'm out of shape!

Sun: 10 (alone!) Another hilly run, but I did not push it as much. Averaged in the 9:20's. I felt toasted starting out and each and every hill was way tougher than Saturday, but super happy to get in a solid 10.

Total: 43!

Weight: Still not weighing myself. Scared! (I suppose this is inconsistent with the rest of the post, but I'm not sure what good it would do to know so no use in courting depression :)

Ok. Against my better judgment I snuck a peak at the scale only to find I've only lost 2 lbs in the last 2 weeks. UGH! By this point after peanut I was 6 lbs less than I am now and I gained more when I was pregnant with him. I am not eating like a hog, so what's the deal? This chub is really starting to p*$$ me off!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Crocodile Rock

It was an interesting week. #2 Slept 6 hours on Monday, 7 hours on Tuesday and then 8 hours on Wednesday! Since, the best she's done is 5. I think we just got lucky there. But, I am NOT complaining about 5. 5 works! She goes straight back down after nursing, so getting up once or twice a night is no biggee.

On the peanut front, I bought him some crocs this weekend totally on a whim. I wasn't sure if he'd like them but judging from his reaction this morning, I guess he does! He saw them on our recliner as we were walking down from his room and demanded I put them on him over his footed pajamas. He just gets cuter every day! Although, I can't get the kid to try new fruits and veggies. He eats strawberries, bananas, raisins and cucumbers but won't try anything else. I tried red peppers picked fresh from the garden and he refused. Today I tried little cubes of plum and he ate a couple but then refused to eat any more of them. It was a delicious sweet juicy plum. Who wouldn't like that? Is he just trying to get under my skin? Any suggestions for getting him to be more willing to try new fruits and veggies?

As for running, I feel like I am getting back into shape. I have been feeling better and better on the run. I did three 6 milers with the double BOB and it wasn't bad at all. I didn't take the Garmin--I'm not sadistic :)

I did take the Garmin out for my weekend runs. I did a little over 8.5 hilly miles averaging 9:14 pace. My first mile was 10:21 or something atrocious--it's uphill, but still. Ugh. I managed to run the last 2.5 in the 8:30's so that made me happy. I was working, but not as hard as I had to work to run 8:35 for one mile last week. Then I followed that up on Sunday with another 8.25 miles with MN around 9:20 pace. I am not sure of the exact pace because I forgot to restart my the watch after stopping to fix my shoe. It was great to get out with a friend!

Anyway, I am hoping that by doing two longer runs on the weekends when I can run without the kids that running with the massive duallie stroller will feel easier during the week. So far the strategy seems to be working.

And with that, here's what I did last week:

Mon: (2x BOB) 4 miles easy

Tue: (2x BOB) 6 miles easy with Carmen and her boys. 2 double BOBs chugging down the path: Look out!

Wed: (2x BOB) 6 miles easy at NC. I even did the hills! Go me!

Thu: off. The farmer's market takes a lot out of me and I need a break!

Fri: (2x BOB) 6 miles with Evie and her little one on the towpath. I could run forever on the towpath!

Sa: Alone! 8.53 in 9:14 pace. Ran from home to NC and around the trails and back. Super stoked with the pace with the hills and trails.

Sun: Ran 8.25 (no kids!) with MN around 9:20 pace. Hilly, but overall an easy effort and a fun time.

Total: 38.78

Weight: I feel like I'm starting to lose it, but I decided I'm not going to weigh myself for a couple of weeks because I was obsessing and getting depressed seeing the huge number. Also, weighing myself everyday at this point is like watching the kettle. It'll happen. I have faith!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I feel like I am officially back up and running. I logged a little over 30 miles last week and felt a lot stronger and more normal on every run. Over the weekend, while I was able to run free of the giant BOB duallie I made it a point to challenge myself on some serious hills and log two 6+ milers, which is substantial mileage at this point. My last mile on Saturday was in 8:35, which wasn't particularly easy but faster than I felt like I was going so I'm happy. On most runs I'm starting slow, but once I get warmed up I drop the pace at least 30 seconds a mile. I'll chalk that up to rust :)

Now that I feel like a runner again, I have to admit the babyweight is really starting to bug me. I am exactly at the same weight I was after peanut at this point, which makes me hopeful but also depresses the heck out of me. I am confident I can lose it within 5 or 6 months like I did last time, but I'd rather not be a big blob right now. It's a forest versus the trees kind of thing--in the big picture this isn't a big deal but in the here and now I'm a chub. Me no like chub.

Too bad my body likes the chub when it's making and feeding a baby! Oh well. It's worth it. I gotta say my kids are pretty darn adorable and perfect :) Peanut is talking up a storm and said I love you for the first time a couple of days ago and #2 is the sweetest smiliest little thing!

But yeah. Chub sucks.

Anyway, here's what I did last week:

M: (2x BOB) Hot 4.08 mile death march in 9:46. I had to work hard for that. Ugh.

T: (2x BOB) was smart and left the watch at home. Hot as hell. 4 miles.

W: off for the farmers market

Th: (2x BOB) smart again and left the watch at home. Forced myself to do 5 in the god-awful heat. Felt like total garbage, but got it done by telling myself it will get easier. It will right?

F: (2x BOB) met up with my beautiful wonderful awesome friends! Thank goodness for running friends! 5 miles in 9:32 pace. I'll take it!

Sa: alone! Ran a very hilly 6.14 miles from my in-laws' house. First mile was 9:45, but last mile was 8:35. Managed to average 9:12 for the entire run. Legs were tired after this one, but it felt GOOD!

Su: alone again! Hit the trails for 6.02 miles. Set the garmin to only show distance. Saw a couple of splits over 10:00 pace, but for the heat, hills and the trails themselves I'll go with it. I feel like I actually got in some good work this weekend. Yeah! Hopefully it will make those short stroller runs in the cooler temps feel easy this week!

Total: 30.24 miles

Weight: too much. Ugh.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Cold in the Summertime

For the most part this was a good week. My hope at the outset was to run 3 miles continuously by the end of the week. I ran 5 hilly miles continuously this morning, so I far exceeded that goal. It felt good physically and I was so happy to get out by myself and enjoy a gorgeous summer morning on the run.

Really the only bad thing about the week was that I caught a cold and then peanut caught the cold and then poor #2 caught the cold. How pathetic my poor little 5 week old was snorting and sniffing. I felt awful to watch her flail around trying to clear her airways. All the weeks of battling peanut's stuffy nose during the winter he was born paid off and at least helped me not feel as horrible as I would if I never experienced it before. It seemed to be a very mild cold, but even that seems vicious when it afflicts a newborn. Poor girl. We managed to help her sleep by putting her swing in our room and putting her in it without it swinging. It worked well. She slept 5 hours straight on Friday night and 6 hours straight last night! Hopefully that carries forward when she's back in her bassinet in a day or two. We're all on the up and up now though, thank goodness.

Anyway, despite the cold I got out and ran 6 days this week and felt darn good all things considered. Some may disagree, but I find getting a run in actually makes me feel better when I have a cold.

Mon: 2x BOB walked .25 miles then ran 1 mile, walked 1:00, ran 1 mile walked 1:00 and then ran 1.5 miles for a total of 3.5 miles of running.

Tue: 2x BOB super hot out so just ran 1.5 took a water break and then ran 1.5 back.

Wed: off to make time for an epic playdate with all my cousins' kids and then the farmers market

Thu: 2x BOB first running day with the cold and I wasn't sure what to expect. Ended up running 4. Took a short walk break around .25 miles in and then another at 2 miles and then ran the 2 miles back without stopping.

Fri: 2x BOB. Still sick. Boo. Didn't let it stop me! Ran 4 miles only taking a short break to show peanut a deer a little shy of .5 miles in.

Sat: 4 miles all by myself! Ran my usual 4 mile route from home during nap time and averaged 9:32 pace. Yeehaw!

Sun: 5 miles! Ran alone in the morning and felt really good. Left the watch at home and just enjoyed every second of it!

Total: 24 miles!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Out of the Haze

I am crazy busy these days. Now that the post-birth haze and the post-grandma-dying haze have worn off I am left to clean up all the things I've neglected the last few weeks. One thing I need to do is start decluttering my life both literally and figuratively. Now that I have two kiddos I have even less time for other things. Besides getting my house even further under control (I have managed to keep it much tidier these last few months) I also need to start weeding through my time commitments and figuring out a short-term and long term plan for myself, mainly focusing on my career but also my life generally.

Of course I still have time to run as it makes me exceedingly happy! Hopefully I will at least post summaries of my weekly training now that my comeback is in full effect.

4 weeks post-partum

M: With both kids in the double BOB (2x BOB) 5:00 warm-up walk (w) and then 15 x 1:00 run (r); 2:00 (w) and then 5:00 (w) cool-down. Running intervals btw 9:03 and 10:38 pace.

T: (2x BOB) 5:00 (w) and then 16 x 1:00 (r); 2:00 (w) and then 5:00 (w). Running intervals generally faster than M.

W: Off. Busy day selling veggies at farmers market (mrp and I have a side business growing and selling veggies)

Th: (2x BOB) Met AS and her one-year old at the park and did 5:00 (w) and then 1:00 (r); 1:00 (w) x 20 and then 5:00 (w). Averaged btw 9:00 and 10:00 for the running paces.

F: (2x BOB) 5:00 (w) and then 2:00 (r); 1:00 (w) x 11 an then 5:00 (w).

Sa: By myself! .25 mile (w) and then 1:00 (r), 1:00 (w); 2:00 (r) 1:00 (w) x 2; 3:00 (r); 1:00 (w) x 3; 4:00 (r); 1:00 (w); 5:00 (r); 1:00 (w); 2:00 (r); .35 mile (w). Started slow, but got progressively faster. The last 2:00 was 8:20 pace!

Su: Busy day so no run.