Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Out of the Haze

I am crazy busy these days. Now that the post-birth haze and the post-grandma-dying haze have worn off I am left to clean up all the things I've neglected the last few weeks. One thing I need to do is start decluttering my life both literally and figuratively. Now that I have two kiddos I have even less time for other things. Besides getting my house even further under control (I have managed to keep it much tidier these last few months) I also need to start weeding through my time commitments and figuring out a short-term and long term plan for myself, mainly focusing on my career but also my life generally.

Of course I still have time to run as it makes me exceedingly happy! Hopefully I will at least post summaries of my weekly training now that my comeback is in full effect.

4 weeks post-partum

M: With both kids in the double BOB (2x BOB) 5:00 warm-up walk (w) and then 15 x 1:00 run (r); 2:00 (w) and then 5:00 (w) cool-down. Running intervals btw 9:03 and 10:38 pace.

T: (2x BOB) 5:00 (w) and then 16 x 1:00 (r); 2:00 (w) and then 5:00 (w). Running intervals generally faster than M.

W: Off. Busy day selling veggies at farmers market (mrp and I have a side business growing and selling veggies)

Th: (2x BOB) Met AS and her one-year old at the park and did 5:00 (w) and then 1:00 (r); 1:00 (w) x 20 and then 5:00 (w). Averaged btw 9:00 and 10:00 for the running paces.

F: (2x BOB) 5:00 (w) and then 2:00 (r); 1:00 (w) x 11 an then 5:00 (w).

Sa: By myself! .25 mile (w) and then 1:00 (r), 1:00 (w); 2:00 (r) 1:00 (w) x 2; 3:00 (r); 1:00 (w) x 3; 4:00 (r); 1:00 (w); 5:00 (r); 1:00 (w); 2:00 (r); .35 mile (w). Started slow, but got progressively faster. The last 2:00 was 8:20 pace!

Su: Busy day so no run.

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jsmarslender said...

Looks like a wise return to running. : ) I too have been thinking about time committments now that I'll be occuppied with two little ones in another month and a half. And decluttering! Enjoy the summer weather and farmers' market.