Monday, August 16, 2010


I feel like I am officially back up and running. I logged a little over 30 miles last week and felt a lot stronger and more normal on every run. Over the weekend, while I was able to run free of the giant BOB duallie I made it a point to challenge myself on some serious hills and log two 6+ milers, which is substantial mileage at this point. My last mile on Saturday was in 8:35, which wasn't particularly easy but faster than I felt like I was going so I'm happy. On most runs I'm starting slow, but once I get warmed up I drop the pace at least 30 seconds a mile. I'll chalk that up to rust :)

Now that I feel like a runner again, I have to admit the babyweight is really starting to bug me. I am exactly at the same weight I was after peanut at this point, which makes me hopeful but also depresses the heck out of me. I am confident I can lose it within 5 or 6 months like I did last time, but I'd rather not be a big blob right now. It's a forest versus the trees kind of thing--in the big picture this isn't a big deal but in the here and now I'm a chub. Me no like chub.

Too bad my body likes the chub when it's making and feeding a baby! Oh well. It's worth it. I gotta say my kids are pretty darn adorable and perfect :) Peanut is talking up a storm and said I love you for the first time a couple of days ago and #2 is the sweetest smiliest little thing!

But yeah. Chub sucks.

Anyway, here's what I did last week:

M: (2x BOB) Hot 4.08 mile death march in 9:46. I had to work hard for that. Ugh.

T: (2x BOB) was smart and left the watch at home. Hot as hell. 4 miles.

W: off for the farmers market

Th: (2x BOB) smart again and left the watch at home. Forced myself to do 5 in the god-awful heat. Felt like total garbage, but got it done by telling myself it will get easier. It will right?

F: (2x BOB) met up with my beautiful wonderful awesome friends! Thank goodness for running friends! 5 miles in 9:32 pace. I'll take it!

Sa: alone! Ran a very hilly 6.14 miles from my in-laws' house. First mile was 9:45, but last mile was 8:35. Managed to average 9:12 for the entire run. Legs were tired after this one, but it felt GOOD!

Su: alone again! Hit the trails for 6.02 miles. Set the garmin to only show distance. Saw a couple of splits over 10:00 pace, but for the heat, hills and the trails themselves I'll go with it. I feel like I actually got in some good work this weekend. Yeah! Hopefully it will make those short stroller runs in the cooler temps feel easy this week!

Total: 30.24 miles

Weight: too much. Ugh.


Ness said...

Beautiful picture of your kids :) good job on getting back on track ...concerning the weight i am sure you will loose it in no time are my example since im hoping to loose the baby weight after delivering my first baby...i am putting a lot of getting freaked out...keep up the good work :) any races schedules this year??

Michelle Simmons said...

Welcome back. Running with a single Bob is hard enough... I can imagine its ATHAT much harder with a dualie!!

E-Speed said...

If you are running this well with chub and a double bob just wait until you are chub and bob free :)

jsmarslender said...

Adorable brother and sister pic. : ) With Claire, I think that I felt like the weight was coming off quicker than it was just because I was running again. Running felt good, so I felt good about my body's shape and size. You made an amazing comeback after Peanut, so I'll bet that this time around will be similar. Yea for the thirtysomething week!

chelle said...

I feel you on the chub. I slowed down the weight gain over the last month or so, but I still cringe every time I catch a glimpse of my cottage cheese thighs. Luckily they've gotten harder to see of late!

The baby on the packaging of the bouncer seat I got looks like little Frannie...I'll have to take a cell phone pic and send it to you.