Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Months

It's been two months now since #2 was born. Perhaps because of this small milestone I've been reflecting on her birth quite a bit the last few days. It was such an intense experience and I shocked myself with my ability to confront the pain and GET.IT.DONE. in a way I have never ever done before. When I was scared and wanted to quit, begging mrp to find me drugs there was really no way out and I had to enter the pain. I couldn't run from it like I so often do.

In my everyday life I have used this experience to cut through the boredom and get the cleaning done or my contract work done. I have used it to discipline peanut when it would be easier to give in to his 21 month old demands. Soon I hope to use it to lay down a killer workout and then eventually to power through the final miles of a race like I powered through the final stage of delivery. All these little things pale in comparison to what I did 2 months ago.

When something looks yucky or scary to deal with, I think back to my labor and how much I wanted out of the pain, but how freakin' amazing it was that once I let go and went with it I was able to do something magical. And it really wasn't anything to be afraid of. I didn't die. In fact, in the thick of it I was more alive than I have ever been. And I am much happier surmounting the little everyday molehills head on.

And with that, this week's numbers:

Mon: 6 (2x BOB) Had to up the effort the last two after #2 decided to start crying. She actually fell back asleep with about .25 to go, but it felt good to open up the stride and shake some speed out.

Tue: 6 (2x BOB) Went out later in the afternoon and peanut was super chatty and not trying to sneak in an illegal nap like he does on our morning runs (we like to save naps for the crib!)

Wed: 7 (2x BOB) Met up with 4 other friends and their BOBs. Super fun!

Thu: Off.

Fri: 6 (2x BOB) Met 3 friends and BOBs at the towpath. Felt sluggy, but got it done and had fun doing it.

Sat: 8 (alone!) First run this week with a watch. Averaged 8:56! Woot! Super hilly route near my in-laws. I love it, but it's super challenging especially when I'm out of shape!

Sun: 10 (alone!) Another hilly run, but I did not push it as much. Averaged in the 9:20's. I felt toasted starting out and each and every hill was way tougher than Saturday, but super happy to get in a solid 10.

Total: 43!

Weight: Still not weighing myself. Scared! (I suppose this is inconsistent with the rest of the post, but I'm not sure what good it would do to know so no use in courting depression :)

Ok. Against my better judgment I snuck a peak at the scale only to find I've only lost 2 lbs in the last 2 weeks. UGH! By this point after peanut I was 6 lbs less than I am now and I gained more when I was pregnant with him. I am not eating like a hog, so what's the deal? This chub is really starting to p*$$ me off!


E-Speed said...

Don't worry about it! I've been putting on chub too and I have been running 70 mpw, I think it is just the weird weather. We'll lose it soon!

The Salty One said...

If I was running 1:21 half marathons I wouldn't care how much I weighed :)

DC Running Mama said...

Hey--I haven't been to preggo blogs in a while b/c it was just too painful for me, but I was feeling strong today and I thought I would venture out and say hello to you. Wow! Running so much w/ two in the bob is impressive! #2 is adorable and I'm so happy that your grandmother got to meet her. It must have been such a time of mixed emotion to have your grandmother and daughter together. I'll come back when I can, but know that even if I can't, I am hoping for the best for you.