Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Akron Marathon Carol

The 2010 Akron Marathon is on Saturday. It will be my fourth time participating. Each year's race has been its own exciting adventure for me.

In 2007 I ran my 10k p.r. It was just 6 weeks before I married mrp and I ran the third leg and he anchored. We had a super fast team. When I got my hand-off I was the lead woman in the entire race! It was exhilarating to run through the University of Akron campus and hear the screams and cheers from the spectators. Too bad my leg veered onto the desolate towpath around mile 2.5. Oh, I will never forget how hard it was to keep up the pace on the soft surface with nobody around. My first half of my leg was sub-19, but the second half was way slow as I rolled in with a 39:05. But, it was a big pr. My previous best 10k race was more than 10 minutes slower!

In 2008 I ran the anchor leg of the relay, ~8 miles while 31 weeks pregnant. My team, the Speed Bumps, was composed of 5 pregnant women. We were quite the hit. We did t.v., radio and newspaper interviews. My big pregnant running self is even in the promo video for the 2009 race. I ran somewhere south of 9:00 pace to get us in under 4:00. It was a super fun day! Looking back, I can't believe I was pregnant with peanut just two years ago!

Last year was going to be my year to do the full! I was super excited. But by the time the race rolled around my life was pretty stressful and I think my taper wasn't the best. I ended up DNF'ing. I've never ever done that before, but I felt so crappy and was having trouble even running my rock-bottom pace. I had worked so hard that I couldn't see breaking myself to run a subpar marathon, especially when I had a baby boy to take care of. Plus, I knew that mrp and I would want another kiddo fairly soon a spring marathon probably wouldn't be in the cards. So I decided to fold and try the marathon again in a couple of weeks at the Towpath Marathon. I ended up winning the Towpath marathon and had no calamities during the race (novel for me in a marathon!), but was pretty confused by why my time was way slower than I felt like I was running. I bemoaned it and whined about it until a few days later when I noticed my tummy pooching out and then starting feeling nauseous and then took a positive pregnancy test! Well, I guess we got on that second kid thing a little sooner than I had planned!

This year, I have my first race post-#2 in Akron on Saturday. I'm running the same relay leg I ran as a Speed Bump two years ago, but this time with four awesome running mom friends. I'll be 12 weeks post-partum so I don't think it's going to be an epic performance or anything. My goal for Saturday is to race for the shape I'm in on Saturday. That's it. Do my best. Although, it better be faster than two years ago!

When I reflect on Akron marathons past I realize how much my life has changed in such a short time. Hopefully, someday I'll be able to beat the 10k p.r. I set in 2007, but for now I'm happy to be where I am in September of 2010.

And with that, here's this week's numbers!

M: (alone!) 7 hilly miles averaging 8:56 pace.

T: (2x Bob) 6 easy

W: (2x Bob) 6 easy with friends.

Th: Off. Ran 9 days in a row, so think I earned this one!

F: (2x Bob) Was going to meet friends, but decided we needed a low key day so stayed local and did an easy 6 at our home base park.

Sa: (alone!) Ran 12! Ran 2.5 on the roads from home to the park to meet friends. Then 6 with said friends before hitting the trails for 2 and then ran home on the road. Overall pace was slow--friends miles were slow and then trail miles were slow, but averaged under 9:00 for all road miles alone. Longest run since the Towpath marathon!

Su: (2x Bob) Took the kiddos to the park and hammered (heh) out 8 on the bike path. Was kind of fun to see so many different people at the park on a weekend rather than the usual crew we see on weekdays.

Total: 45!

Weight: Lost another .5 lbs this week. Kind of a bummer, but a loss is a loss so can't complain! 23.5 to go.

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Viper said...

Good luck with your leg of the relay. I'm hoping for a good day for all. Cheers!