Sunday, September 26, 2010


I had a great time at the Akron marathon yesterday! That race never disappoints. Even last year when I DNF'd I had a ball. This year was no different. I will get to that, but first I need to vent.

Today was one of those days where I just couldn't seem to find an hour to get my run in. I finally decided enough was enough and booked outside while mrp and peanut ate dinner, figuring I'll just eat after the kids are in bed. I'm so glad I did. I was in a bad mood all day and the run, even at a measly 4 miles, was just what I needed.

But the day made me miss the old days, before kids. Don't get me wrong. I LOOOOOVE my mrp, peanut and #2 more than anything and wouldn't change a thing. Oh no, I would not! That doesn't mean I don't look at those pre-kid days and kick myself for not appreciating my freedom more. I had so much time and could run anywhere anytime. I wish I would have trained with others more. I wish I would have traveled for races more. I wish I would have savored the miles that I was not pushing two kids in a stroller and that I wasn't worried about whether my newborn would take a bottle or whether peanut would not get into something while I was gone or whatever it is I'm worried about on any given day these past two years.

And this too shall pass. But in the meantime, I do appreciate my little bits of freedom now. And I will work on leaving the worries behind when I hit the road!

In other news, my race went great! I aspired to run 7:30 pace for my 7.9 mile leg of the relay, but since I've only run one mile under 8:00 in 5 months I figured that might be a bit of a stretch. Turned out to be a great goal. I ended up averaging 7:28! My last two miles were 7:15 and 7:14 and I felt good! I had a great time cheering for the marathoners as I passed them and working on getting my team under 3:30. When I got the hand-off we were at about a 3:33 pace, but I managed to get us in in 3:27:56!

It's kind of funny that all my marathons have been faster, but hey--it's all relative. And for right now this was a big accomplishment. I'm still a good 20 lbs heavy and at just 12 weeks post-partum I am proud of myself. And I am proud of my team. Jen C, Triple H, BS and Parsley: each ran faster than she thought she would!

Anyway, here's this week's numbers:

M: (2x BOB) 6 miles easy

T: (2x BOB) Hit a different path that is incredibly awesome for running with the stroller and did an easy 8.

W: (2x BOB) Hit the neighborhood park with the girls and BOBs. Got drenched in a surprise downpour. #2 stayed dry and peanut thought it was awesome so Evie and I soldiered on and had a great 7 mile run together averaging 9:12 pace.

Th: (2x BOB) Was thinking about a day off but needed to run so did 6.

F: (2x BOB) With the race on Saturday and the hot temps I decided 4 was sufficient.

Sa: I ran 11 total. 2 mile wu with my old fast friends MR and E-speed. Averaged 8:18 pace for the wu and felt surprisingly good. Then 7.9 miles at 7:28 pace followed by 1.1 mile slow cool-down--ouchy quads!

Su: Alone for an easy 4.

Total: 46 miles

Weight: Lost 3 more lbs!


E-Speed said...

Post C'Bus I have to make time to come see #2 no that she is up and smiling :)

Viper said...

It was a great day to race. Nice job on your leg and to your team's finish. Cheers!