Wednesday, September 08, 2010

So It's Not the Kool-Aid

So... remember a while back I was bemoaning my money management skills. I also mentioned from time to time my lack of domestic ability and my propensity for being a slob. I decided I wanted to fix these problems and while I was researching I discovered something that shocked me.

*** drumroll ***

Maybe it's ADD. I always thought ADHD described little boys who drank too much kool-aid, not professional women who have trouble concentrating, have an embarrassing propensity for mess making, have problems paying attention to detail or organizing anything. Interesting. It's a weird thing--I'm honestly not sure what an official diagnosis will do to help me. I doubt I'd want to take medication, at least for the time I'm nursing (and if #2's anything like her brother--who's still nursing 2x a day!--it'll be a while!) and even after that, I'm not sure I'd want to.

I did a little research on how to manage life with ADHD and I actually found some things that might help me. First of all is to acknowledge what I'm not good at instead of fighting to try to be good at it. Face it folks--I'm never going to have a balanced check book and if I'm in charge of the bills some will be missed or late, etc. So, I handed them off to mrp. This way I can spend my time scheduling my days with the kids and planning meals and other stuff that I'm good at rather than wasting time screwing up trying to be good at something I'm not good at.

Another thing is to remove stimulation from my environment. I like this plan. In law school I had no tv and only dial-up internet. Now tv is everywhere and my laptop is on the kitchen counter. I don't want the distractions in my face. My plan is to move the t.v. to the basement (where I can see it in front of the treadmill of course!) and to finally clean and organize the office space down there so my laptop can stop being such a source of distraction.

I don't want to check my e-mail while peanut eats his breakfast and I don't want to reply to e-mail while I'm eating dinner across from mrp replying to his e-mail. I'm sick of it. I want a rich family life free from silly distractions and I don't want my kids growing up in a hyper-stimulated environment. I'm glad I stumbled across the possibility of ADHD to help me realize a few things to make our life better.

In running news, things are slowly coming around. But again, I'm not in a hurry. Here are this week's numbers!

M: off (I sacrificed my run time for mrp because I love him and he so rarely makes the effort to run these days and I know it makes him happy when he gets to do it)

T: (2x BOB) Squeezed in a boring ol' 6 at the park before #2's pediatrician appointment. No watch. #2 is 13 lbs and 25 inches. 90th percentile for both height and weight!

W: (2x BOB) My friends Parsley and HH and their girls met us for 8. 8 with the 2x BOB. Go me!

Th: (2x BOB) Another boring ol' 6 at the park. No watch.

F: (2x BOB) Met Parsley at the CVNP for 6. Felt decent for the first Friday in a while. Probably because I didn't take Thursday off. (It's weird how sometimes I feel worse after a day off and sometimes a day off makes me feel spectacular the next day. Go figure.)

Sa: alone! Ran at noon on a hilly 10 mile course averaging 9:14. This is a killer route from my in-laws. I love it, but it is really challenging. It rolls the entire way, but the last three miles are all almost all uphill. I felt good and never really pushed the pace.

Su: (2x BOB with only one kid). Peanut was still napping and mrp had to get ready for a business trip so I had this great idea to take #2 out in the BOB and run a mile around the neighborhood and back and pick up peanut when he woke up from his nap. All mrp would have to do was walk him down to the driveway for me. I did all three laps with no peanut or mrp in sight. Peanut slept for 3.5 hours! Growth spurt! Averaged 9:08 for 6 miles with the 2x BOB without trying! Sure, there was only one kid but it was windy and that thing is hard to push in the wind. I am going to claim that as a mini victory :)

Total: 42 miles

Weight: lost 2 more pounds. 24 to go!

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