Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby on Strike

It's 8:26 and I'm the only one up. I love rainy days for this one reason: sometimes the darkness inspires the kiddos to sleep way in! Otherwise, they stink because I feel like a jerk taking them out for a run. It's probably another treadmill day.

In other news, (****TMI ALERT****turn away now squeamish readers!)


I got my period. UGH! I'm only 3 months post-partum. That's no fun! That in itself is kinda lame, but it's accompanied a nursing strike. I'm not sure if it's too many bottles over the busy weekend or the hormone shift affecting the taste or the supply of my milk, but little #2 has been a pain about nursing. She just cries and fights at the boob. It's been a few days and it's much better now after spending most of Tuesday with my shirt off to provide some skin-on-skin contact which I read is supposed to inspire the rooting instinct. It definitely worked, so hooray for good advice! We're not totally out of the woods. She fought me during her last feeding before bed last night. I wasn't about to undress her from her jammies so I just worked through it and tried to be patient. She eventually was at least semi-satisfied and fell asleep. However, she proceeded to wake up a bunch of times and not go back down easily. It was a rough night. Of course #2's bad night would have been a great night for peanut so I really should shut up and quit complaining!

As a positive spin on things, I wonder if maybe the return of my period means the weight is going to start flying off and I'll get into shape more quickly. That would be a nice trade-off!

Cheers to hope for a better day today!

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