Sunday, October 03, 2010

Family Dinner

I am so proud of myself! I resolved to start having family dinners a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sure how it would go trying to prep dinner for all of us with two babies to care for. But, somehow I've managed to do it almost every day for two weeks! We even have #2 sit with us in her bumbo. Sure some days it's spaghetti with frozen turkey meatballs, sauce from a jar and bagged salad. But I've also managed to make some good ones. One night I managed grilled salmon, spinach and parmesan quinoa and roasted acorn squash! I've also done a couple of taco nights and for me that means either grilled chicken or scrambled eggs, some sort of bean concoction and roasted veggies. I think the scrambled egg tacos are peanut's favorite.

A nice bonus is that mrp and I now have more time to do other stuff after the kids are in bed since dinner is already out of the way. Also, we didn't necessarily eat poorly before, but knowing peanut is looking to us for examples of healthy eating we are more inclined to add a few extra veggies on our plates.

In running news, this week the fall rain has started up. That means one thing: treadmill season has officially begun. I actually enjoy the treadmill sometimes, so it's not that big of deal. The only thing I don't like about it is that there are days I have no choice but to run on the mill because I'm on kid duty with no babysitter and its pouring outside. And then even then I'm beholden to my kids' napping schedules and need to keep my fingers crossed #2 will sleep for a solid hour or be content to roll around on the floor next to me. If you know her, it's a good bet she will. She's good to her momma!

The one nice thing is that if I get into a good routine with the mill I can count on it to do workouts this winter. With just peanut I always had to hustle to find a sitter or bolt out the door when mrp came home from work to get in any kind of quality training. It's much harder to saddle elderly in-laws with two babies and I don't like bolting out the door now that we have family dinner time. So, that means if I'm going to do a tempo or whatever I need to get it done on my own so the treadmill in the early a.m. or during nap time is my best bet.

Here are the numbers! Mileage is creeping up and weight has finally started to fall off. Sweet!

M: off

T: 8 averaging 8:44 pace on the mill during nap time. It actually worked out well. I checked on #2 at mile 4 and she was still sleeping. Then I ran up and poked my head in at mile 6 and she was awake in her crib so I brought her down with me and she contentedly rolled around on the floor while I finished up.

W: (2x BOB) 6 very easy with buddies at the park.

Th: (2x BOB) 8 with no watch.

F: (alone!) 7.52 averaging 8:52 pace. My mom came over and watched the kiddos and I ran from home to the park, around the trails and back.

Sa: (alone!) 12.49 averaging 8:46 pace! Very happy with this. Miles 2.5 - 6 were almost all uphill. I averaged 9:05 for the first half. Mile 7 is a gradual downhill and mile 10 has huge downhill sections, but other than that it's not a particularly fast course going home. I picked up the pace the last two miles and ran 8:14 and 7:47!

Su: (2x BOB) managed to squeeze in an easy 6 in between rain storms. Had to bundle everybody up. It wasn't even 50 degrees out!

Total: 48

Weight: Lost 2.5 more lbs! Just 15 to pre-pregnancy weight. I finally feel like I'm not a blimp!

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jsmarslender said...

Family dinner is a great idea. We started doing that when Claire was a baby, just to get into the habit. So good job getting dinner to the table. Sometimes I stand in the middle of the kitchen going, "Uh..." : )

Mileage looks awesome. Sometimes I wonder if I'd be able to manage a BOB, nevermind a double BOB!

And your last post (I think?) talked about freedom. Echo, echo. I was literally thinking some of the same things a few days before I read your post.