Monday, October 18, 2010

My Glamourous Life

Whew! What an exciting weekend of running and it wasn't my running that was exciting. I've said it before, but it's worth saying again: the next best thing to running a great race is cheering on friends while they run great races.

That being said, I actually had a very solid week of running. My mileage is on the up and up and my paces are coming down and down. I am almost exciting to race the half marathon in three weeks. It won't be a pr (unless miracles do happen), but I think I've managed to get myself in good enough shape that it won't be a waste of time to go. I would like to have had a 14 miler or two in the books before hand, but that's not going to happen. I've done several 12's and did 13 yesterday. Hopefully the weekly mileage is enough to compensate for that and I won't die the last couple of miles!

In kid news, #2 is doing much better with the nursing. She still has her moments, but now that we're back on our normal routine she seems much happier. She's been waking up a couple of times at night though, but it's not that bad. I do miss her nights of 9 straight hours of sleep, but they'll be back again some day. Besides that the girl has been babbling seemingly non-stop! She just jibber-jabbers all day. It's funny how different two kids can be. I don't think peanut made a noise other than crying until her was about 6 months! Yet, he was super physical and rolling over at 11 weeks and things like that. #2 STILL hasn't rolled over even though she's been trying for weeks now! She is such a happy little baby. We took her to get her baby glamour shots last week. Isn't she just the cutest little chub chub!!!

Peanut is going through a crazy verbal stage too. He can say the letters of the alphabet and count with help. He knows his colors and can say his name and tell you how old he is. He makes simple sentences, "Hi baby!" and "Bye bye dadda!" along with "I love you" and "all done please" (for when he's finished eating--so polite!) He is such a happy and sweet little boy. When we were at the picture place getting #2's photos, he went up to another little red-headed boy and gave him a kiss! And he hugs the trees at the park and waves bye-bye to the rocks and sticks. I have to say, I love toddlerhood! He can be a "terrible" two forever as far as I'm concerned!

Anyway, here our last week's numbers:

M: 10.25 alone averaging 8:14. Hilly and last 5 sub 8 pace.

T: 6 with the 2x BOB. Slow. No watch.

W: 8 with the 2x BOB with friends. No watch again.

Th: It rained so I was stuck on the mill so I decided to do a workout. Did 8 including 4 x 200\200\400 with equal rest. Started the workout at 6:40 pace for the intervals, but that felt too easy so got down to 6:22 pace by the end. Not all that bad. Of course, E just ran her marathon at my 400 interval pace, but I'll just ignore that fact for now :) Averaged 7:58 pace for all 8 miles though so that's good for now.

F: 4.68 miles with E while my mom watched the kiddos. Averaged 8:18 pace. Felt pretty good.

Sa: 6 while mrp pushed the 2x BOB. Family run. Was awesome and fun! Hope to make it out regularly while the weather allows it!

Su: 13.07 miles averaging 8:28 pace from home to the park around the trails and back. This is a brisk pace for the trails so I am happy with that.

Total: 56 miles!

Weight: Down .5 more lbs, but starting to look and feel like my old self. Still have 15ish lbs to go.


jsmarslender said...

Your runs and times look great! Already looking forward to what you'll be racing in the spring!

Enjoy the autumn weather - I hope it's good where you are. It's the season I miss most. : )

Janet Edwards said...

Sounds like you are sure coming back strong!

PS, btw I am actually planning to run STG too! I just need to sign up! I just can't decide if I will run hard or run with sis! Guess I will see how I feel!