Sunday, November 07, 2010

Early Resolutions

1. I will not sweat the last 12ish lbs of baby weight. I will trust that they will come off if I keep on running and eating right. No need to force the issue.

2. I will enjoy running. There is no race result worth ruining my joy for running. I will savor the process and not focus solely on the results.

3. I will believe and encourage myself. I spend so much of my energy encouraging my friends to reach their goals. It's time I started to do the same for myself. Go self!

4. I will not force it. I will train and run and enjoy myself and let the results speak for themselves. I can't will fitness. New mantra: just run. the rest will follow.

5. I will not get bent out of shape over a bad workout, bad mile or bad race. It happens to everyone. Move along!

Maybe because it snowed this past weekend I suddenly don't care that I'm still sporting 12ish extra pounds. I'm suddenly convinced and soothed by the notion that they'll be all gone by the spring racing season.

When I was contemplating racing this past weekend I realized I didn't feel like it. I've been enjoying running so much these last few months it seemed silly to race. I'm not in p.r. shape. I don't have any goal races on the near horizon. What would be the point. Why not save the money, the time and possibly the pride (frankly, it could mess with my happy running mojo to log a "slow" time). Instead I had a wonderful afternoon run in the snow on Saturday.

I'm not sure why I've been thinking about this, but I was thinking about coaching and why I would want a coach; I'm perfectly capable of devising a solid training plan for myself. No, there must be something more to it. I think I just want a champion. I want someone who believes in my potential. Then I thought, why do I need someone else to do this for me. Why can't I do this for myself. I do it for lots of other people. I see others' potential and root for them and encourage them. Darn it. It's time I did this for myself! I really don't need external validation. Right? (heh)

I was also thinking about all my goals. And then I started to feel anxious thinking about these goals and wondering whether or not I can achieve them bla bla bla. And then I started to realize I'm a freak and need to chill out and go with it. I love running and training and pushing myself. Period. Do that and results will follow. Nothing will zap the fun out of running faster than fixating on the results to the degree that I miss out on the scenery along the way. And I believe in myself and have faith in my abilities and potential. Just run. The rest will follow.

I was tracking a friend running the NY Marathon yesterday. She was kickin' ass through the half. And then I noticed her splits starting to slow. She still came through the finish with an amazing time, but I was thinking that if it was me I'd be rehashing those last miles and fixated on them to the point that I wouldn't be able to be happy with my time. F that. I'm sick of it. Who cares if I ran 30 seconds slower than my goal time or if maybe I went out too hard or had a bad day or wasn't quite in the shape I thought I was. No one. It's running, self! Get over it. You do it because it's fun, not to prove your value as a human being. Left foot. Right foot. Smile. Repeat.

And with that, dear readers, here are the numbers for last week!

M: 7 easy with the 2x BOB. Friggin' freezing out there, Mr. Biggelsworth! Thankfully peanut has called a ceasefire in the war over cold-weather accessory wearing!

T: After voting for lots of losing candidates I came home and ran on the mill during naptime. I did 2 x 2 mi @ easy progressive tempo pace. I upped the pace every .5 from 7:30 to 6:58 at the end. Not that hard, but an enjoyable and good workout nonetheless. Averaged 7:52 pace.

W: 7 with the 2x BOB and Jen C. We had a great chat which I totally needed. Not quite as cold as Monday, but still pretty cold! 9:02 pace felt super easy.

Th: 8 alone from my in-laws. I dropped the kids off and hit the crazy hilly roads for some fartlek fun. Did 3 x 3:00\2:00\1:00 with 1:00 easy between reps and 3:00 easy between sets. I wanted half-marathon effort\10k effort\5k effort. I was around 7:00\6:40\6:20 so that's about right. Not that I could necessarily race at those paces yet, but for workout purposes that felt good. Averaged 8:02.

F: off.

Sa: 7 alone with no watch. I went out super easy and just picked it up as I went along. Without thinking I started to really push the pace the last 1.5 and I just went with it. Felt great!

Su: 13.27 alone. I took advantage of daylight savings time and got to the park at 6:45. I ran about 1.65 alone and then met my friend Z for 6. Somehow 7:30's felt great. We were just clippin' along chatting away. We even managed a 7:51 up a huge hill. I was sad to be done with company for the run. My pace slowed to 7:40's while I was alone. I decided I needed to do something interesting so I ran down a huge hill on the roads and then over to the notorious castle hill with 2 miles to go. I started the ascent and my goal was to keep the pace faster than 8:30 on the trails with the humungous hill. Dudes. I ran this mile in 7:58! What's even cooler is that once mile 12 beeped on the garmin my pace showed sub-7! On the trails! At 12.25 I was in the 6:50's as I hit the road. I felt smooth and good and not at all like I was flooring it. I cruised in for my last mile in 6:38! And it wasn't super duper hard. Afterwards I trotted a quarterish mile back to the parking lot and by then trotting was 7:20's. It's funny how that happens.

Total: 50.27

Weight: Lost another .5. Not worrying about it.

Up next: The Salty and Mrp Turkey Trot challenge!


Ness said...

Great time wise while running i am totally like you, i dont run just to run i expect every race to ve a little better than the previous one... I refuse to have a bad ti me !! Im planning to run my first race after pregnancy in march i really hope it is enough time for a PR... Dont feel bad of being a perfectionist and wanting to challenge urself all the time!!!

Janet Edwards said...

Awesome list of resolutions! What a fabulous Sunday run!