Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Flippin' and a Floppin'

I am officially insane. I am starting to ponder possibly maybe I just might decide to train for a spring marathon. I feel like I'm in a good mental place--I am confident, yet am too busy to be all obsessy mcobsesserstein about running. I can just run and the rest will follow, as I swore would in my resolutions post a couple of weeks ago. Of course it helps I have two running friends going for probably similar goal times who I can train with.

I've been thinking about it and I feel like if I do want to pursuit a fast marathon, I need to run more of them. I've only run 4 and I think a lot of my mixed success can be boiled down to inexperience (and being a freak, but I think my overthinking, nervous, anxiety-ridden freakness can be tempered through practice and demystifying the event). I also think that if I want to run a 2:45ish marathon I need to break 3 hours this year. If I don't do that, I need to seriously reassess my crazy goal. (I probably need to do that anyway, but I'm pretending to be confident. We'll just cross the reality bridge when confronted by it.)

A lot of my trepidation about a spring marathon has to do with spending so much time running. One thing I've found this go round is that if I get up super early I can get my weekend runs in guilt free. On Saturdays I can leave and be home before the kids are even awake and on Sundays I'm home right around when #2 wakes up and peanut is easy-peasy in the morning. When I ramp up my long runs I can just get out earlier. Instead of a 7 a.m. start time, 6:45 and then 6:30 and all the way down to 6:00. An added bonus is the crazy early a.m. wake-ups make it seem like I can sleep in the rest of the week!

This is all just a thought. I need to really consider all the logistics of the spring, but the only real difference in training would be the long runs. I kind of have in mind that I would do one harder interval or fartlek workout, one progressive run, one true tempo on Saturdays and then a moderate to almost hard long run. More intensity, less miles, more time with the fam! And a very different training plan than anything I've ever done before, which is really what I need.

Anyway, these are my current thoughts. I have until the end of the year to decide. In the mean time, call me flipper. Or flopper. That might work too.


In other news, peanut's birthday was a smashing success! He had such a great day! He loved the roller coaster and the small gathering of family and family friends was the perfect size to make him feel loved and special, but not overwhelmed. He loved being the center of attention (not sure where he got that trait) and it was an incredible joy to witness his adorable beaming face take it all in.

And with that beautiful picture, here are this week's numbers:

M: Easy 7 with the 2x BOB

T: Ran 8 with Parsley and the 2x BOB.

W: Met the girls at the national park. Did 4 x 800ish with Parsley. Did I ever tell you how easy it is to do intervals pushing two kids into the wind on a muddy towpath? But it sure was fun!

Th: Off. I had to go to the dentist, frantically prepare for peanut's party and the weather sucked.

F: 7.5 with the 2x BOB. A little cold, but a beautiful and fun morning at the park.

Sa: 8.6 with 4 mile tempo. I had to run from home at the crack of dawn and the only routes from my house contain monster hills. In the past I've always wussed out and not done tempos around here, but not today. I started the tempo with a mile of relentless crazy hill. And the split showed it: 7:34. But once up the hill I strung three sub-7 miles together: 6:54; 6:55; 6:45. Yeah! It all flowed very nicely.

Su: 13.1 at 7:41 pace (maybe slightly slower--Z and I have Garmin discrepancies that need to be investigated). I was dreading this run. #2 has been waking up every two hours all week, I was super stressed about the party the day before (on my feet cooking, cleaning, baby-minding and entertaining all day) and did a tempo the day before. Although I can't say I was peppy or feeling light on my feet, I managed to hang. Our splits (according to my possibly overly optimistic Garmin were: 8:33; 7:57; 7:45; 7:46; 7:45; 7:38; 7:33; 7:25; 7:30; 7:53 (up megahill); 7:19; 6:55 (around .6 in we were about 7:10 so we decided to push and get the 12th mile under 7); 7:48 (one mile cool down "jog").

Total: 51.1

Weight: Down 3 lbs this week! My fat jeans are much too big, but can't quite get the tiny ones on yet. Behold the power of not caring!

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