Monday, November 15, 2010

In Search of a by 40 Goal

Lately I've been thinking a lot about where I want to go with running. I've realized I've never had a long-term vision of my running. It's always about the next big race on the schedule and not a long-term plan. I've never looked more than 6 months into the future. How far am I supposed to go?

The logical point is to make a pre-40 plan. I'll be 40 in a little over 4.5 years (yikes!) Since, I'm a relative babe in terms of running (only training since 2006 with 2 years off to have babies, too) I think I can set pr's at least until that point, if not into my mid-40's.

Ok. So I have my timeline. Now what? Go for a number goal? Marathon? Aim for the trials? Some other distance? Something fuzzier? What?

I was thinking a catchy goal might be to take 40 minutes off my first marathon time by age 40. This would mean I'd aim to run a 2:45. (I am under no delusions that this will be an OTQ for 2016. I'm sure the 2:46 B standard is going down, down, down after 2012). I think 2:45 is a very challenging, yet possible goal for me. Far beyond that, I'm not so sure. Even 2:45 is daunting with the kids and my dormant career that will surely wake back up in the not too distant future. And the whole over-thinking self-sabotage thing I do with marathon races. But, what the hay (or is it hey)?

But, let's not etch this in stone just yet. I need to decide if I want to put all my chips on that number and in that race. I need to mull this and other possibilities over. What's the right "by 40" goal for me?

And with that, here are last week's numbers:

M: 7 easy with the 2x BOB

T: 8 easy with the girls and the 2x BOB (8:20ish)

W: 7

R: 8.5 alone with fartlek. Got up and out the door before the sun. Did 5 x 3:00\2:00 and 3 x 1:00\1:00 (to avoid careening down steep hills for 3:00) before going to the dentist to have my tooth extracted (fun times!) The first two 3:00 intervals were up steep hills and the pace sucked! I thought the workout was doomed. Rest of intervals ranged from 6:13 - 6:20. So not bad! I'll take it, anyway!

F: Off. Swollen face.

Sa: 7 easy with mrp and kids. Fun!!!

Su: 13-plus. Ran almost 3 easy alone:8:45: 8:02; 7:42. Then the rest with Z. 7:54; 8:01; 7:19 (down big hill); 7:35; 7:17; 7:45 (mild uphill); 7:54 (insane uphill); .5 recovery from insane hill at 7:49 pace and then we pushed the pace for 1.5. Of course my Garmin went nutty, but it looked to be around 6:40 pace. We trotted a mile cd and called it a day.

Total: 50.5

Weight: lost another lb. Happy I fit in some old (and very cute!) pants, otherwise don't care.


Adeel said...

You train hard and you're very good at the marathon. Why not aim for a trials qualifier, no matter what, and see what happens? If you've only been training for a couple of years, you've got a lot of running left still.

Janet Edwards said...

I love how goal oriented you are and that I know these goals will push you to achieve great things!

Oh how I wished I trusted my stupid leg to make good running goals!

Ness said...

Great goal and motivation you inspire me. :) especially that i am planning to have more kids i want to become a fast runner give me hope...keep up the great motivation