Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No Speed Bumps

In my last post, I told you about my plans to come up with a by-40 goal. Before I had kids, picking a target for my by-40 plan would be so much easier. Just settle on a number and goooooo for it! Of course, there's always those little things called self doubt and fear of failure that limit so many of us from identifying an "it" for which to go for.

"Can I really do that?"

"Won't people think I'm nuts if I tell them that's what I want to do?"

"What if I fail and it doesn't work out?"

"I really don't want to look stupid!"

It seems to me that so many women, my self included, are afraid to aim high. Maybe it's the dawning of my mid-life crisis, but I'm over that (ok, trying to get over that)! Running is the perfect avenue to work on that. Come on everyone, let's pick a pie-in-the-sky goal and gooooo!

Of course, I have one more factor that makes it hard for me to do this; my family. I can't just goooo! I can goooo! to the extent I am not indulging in more than my fair share of the family's time, money and energy pies. There's only so much of time, money and energy to go around, and running, in fact running well need not take an overly large slice. But, it easily can. So, I need to be careful and cognizant of that fact as I determine my target for my by-40 plan. Whatever I decide, it will be to run xxx by 40 while being the best matriarch of my family I can be.


In other news, peanut's 2nd birthday is on Sunday. It really does go too fast like everyone tells you.

***Possible TMI. Breastfeeding discussed. You have been warned!***

This past weekend we decided that since he is a big boy now it was time to fully wean him (you know the talking in sentences thing kind of told us it was time!) We didn't want to rush him off the boobs just because #2 came along so quickly, so this was a well thought out and seemingly executed plan. He was down to just two nursings: one before his nap and the other before bedtime. We just sat him down the day before and reminded him that boobies are for babies and told him that big boys eat cereal and cheese and bread and apples and don't need to eat boobies anymore. He tested the limits of that the next day when we told him there was no more for him--he basically threw a 1 minute fit, pulled at my shirt and cried a little. He's done a shorter and less intense version of that just about every time he would have nursed, but he is fine with it. When I remind him that he can eat fun stuff like noodles he laughs, grabs his blanky and runs to his room. He's fine. And I have to say it was sad, but it's so nice to cross one little responsibility off my to-do list every day! Now I can focus solely on #2 in that arena. Yeah.

*** End of breastfeeding discussion***

We are going to have a little party for him and I cannot wait to unveil our gift to him. It's the little roller coaster in the picture. Woo! I want one! Anyway, I need to go so I can prepare for the big day. There will be much cupcake baking and party-prepping going on around here the rest of the week!


JenC said...

I won't think you are crazy no matter what you choose as your goal. You go girl!!

I am already sad about the thought of weaning Will. Pumping sucks, but actually feeding him is wonderfully bonding.

Can we come over to try the roller coaster? I want one too!

Mnowac said...

Oh my gosh, we so want to try the roller coaster too, playdate please! Happy Birthday to Peanut.

Ness said...

Amazing gift!!! Happy birthday to peanut :)

Katie said...

Happy birthday Peanut! I am impressed that you've been able to breasted 2 little ones and run and do contract work! My son will be 5 months this week and I love breastfeeding but pumping at work is just the worst. Ugh. I am going to keep it up for another month and re evaluate.

I need to follow your lead and make and commit to some running/racing bucket list items! Of course, first I need to get out the door more than once a week to run. Baby steps!

The Salty One said...

Katie: breast feeding just gets easier and easier after 6 months with the introduction of solid food. Pumping's a pain, but that first year will be over before you know it. I hope you manage to stick with it if you want to, but even if you don't you're awesome for getting this far! Congrats!