Monday, December 13, 2010


I love that Sesame Street is on during #2's morning nap. It's an hour of peace I need during these cooped up snowy days.

I've been doing very well with waking up to get the runs in. It's been a weird couple of weeks: we had stomachflueggeddon, then the post-stomachflueeggedon recovery and then snowmegeddon 2010. I am just feeling recovered from being sick. That stomach bug really did a number on me. I lost 3.5 lbs in two days. I've gained back a pound of that, but that kind of super intense disease-induced weight loss takes a toll.

But even so, every day I planned to I've woken up and hit the mill. It's hard to run right out of bed. My first miles are always super slow-over 9:00 pace and typically at least the last two miles are under 8:00. My engine takes a while to warm-up right out of bed I guess. It's been kind of tough though because #2 has not been sleeping well at all. She's been hard core teething and along with lots of development going on her sleep has regressed these past two months. It's been particularly rough the last couple of weeks. I can't wait for these teeth to pop through. I'm hoping that's going to help. In the meantime, after 3 consecutive hourly wake-ups I give up and bring her in bed with me. It helps get a little extra sleep.

My teaching semester starts in less than a month so I need to move the current 5:40ish wake-up back to 5:00. So keep your fingers crossed #2 lets me sleep. I can get to bed only so early and even if I went to bed at 8:30, the interrupted sleep is still rough.

This week is my last putzing around week until my Cleveland Marathon plan commences on Sunday. I'm super excited about it. I ran a killer 8 mile trail race in the deep snow on Saturday. I wasn't planning on racing it really, but once I got a couple of miles in I couldn't help myself. After going out in 12:36 pace (!) I managed to work my way up to finish within 7 seconds of the first woman. If I had a little more confidence on the trails or another half mile, I have no doubt I would have won. For a treadmill girl, I'm pretty proud of myself. I feel excited about getting in shape and competing again.

Anyway, here are the last two weeks. They were both down weeks in between the Turkey Trot and marathon training.

11/29 - 12/5

M: 8 miles alone including a fartlek. My sister watched the kids for me while I hit the park. I did 2 x 400; 2 x 600; 2 x 800. I couldn't get to a track so had to do it with my garmin. Not sure what the paces were, but it felt so hard. I'm thinking it was the plague at work already.

T: Plague

W: Plague

Th: Plague

F: 5 super slow on the mill (9:00 avg)

Sa: Paid for those 5 miles and was sick again!

Su: 11 with Z averaging 7:51. Felt weak, but much better!

Total: 24 (ugh)

12/6 -12/12

M: Off. Just felt too tired.

T: 7 on the mill in the early a.m. averaging 8:21

W: 7.3 alone from Parsley's house. We did a babysitting/running swap. Ran the first 3 in 27:30 with Jen C and BS and then headed out another 4 minutes by myself and picked up the pace. I ended up averaging 8:02 pace and a 3 hour drive home in snowmegeddon.

Th: 6 on the mill in the early a.m. averaging 8:26 pace.

F: 4 on the mill. Averaged around 8:15 pace

Sa: 11 including 8 miles on the crazy trails in 1:22 (and that was super hard!)

Su: off. Slept in. Spent time with the fam. Did a cheesy Jillian Michael's DVD that almost killed me, but it was kind of awesome. I hope to include a lot more strength and plyometrics this training cycle.

Total: 35.3 (not the best, but it's a down week so trying not to care!)

Weight: Just 5 lbs over pre-pregnancy weight!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Winter Challenge

* The whole salty family is getting over the stomach flu (well, except #2 thank goodness!) Yuck! I haven't run since Monday and I probably won't until Friday at the earliest. I'm still barely able to eat anything. This nast kind of came at a good time though because the weather has finally taken a turn towards winter so it would have been a challenge to get my runs in. It was one thing taking peanut out in the snow last year, but I just can't see doing it with #2. Maybe for an occasional short run, but no hour long epic adventures with the BOB for a while. Sad.

This means I need a new routine. (This is where this post gets really boring as I map out my plans.) Right now I have very few options. Basically, because mrp leaves for work at 6:00, unless I snag a sitter I'm stuck on the mill either in the morning or during nap time. Ideally I'd like to knock the run out early. I'd like to get up at 5:00 and sip some coffee as I get an hourish of work done and then hit the mill for an hour before peanut wakes up. This shouldn't be a problem except I have virtually no entertainment for my mill runs. It's a long story, but it's going to be a huge pain in the a$$ to update my ipod, but I must. I also need to get a t.v. down there. That will help tremendously. I think if I can do these two things I will be fine. Oh, and I need to start getting to bed early. I need to make bedtime absolutely no later than 10, but as close to 9:00 as possible since I'll be waking up several times each night to feed #2. I can do it! I can do it!

I know I'm not alone in attempting this winter challenge and that will help too. Knowing my friends are fighting the urge to snooze will certainly help me resist the temptation. And knowing that I'm getting it done so I can devote the rest of the day to my two cuties will be the biggest bonus of all.

* #2 feeling smug about escaping the gastro-intestinal nightmare the rest of the family experienced.