Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Salty's Guide to Tear-Free Winter Running

Winter training can really get you down, man. I decided it's because it takes so much extra thought between finding a good surface to run on when it's snowy and icy, to having to pack 900 extra clothing items in the gym bag, to figuring out when to squeeze in a run before (or after) it's dark, to stressing about the crappy tv available during your planned treadmill run. And even if you think you found a route with good footing, you might be wrong and end up shuffling for miles through slush and ice. Or you might forget your bra while remembering your fleece headband. Or that one hour window might get eaten up by kid or work responsibilities. Or the tv might crap out and you're stuck staring at the wall for 8 miles. All this need for thinking leads to more thinking and then worrying and then by mid-January the winter is just wearing you down. And by February you are counting down the minutes until March. And then in March if it snows the night before your long run you just break down and cry! (At least I have!)

As an antidote, my new mantra is "shut up and just do it." Make a plan. Don't second guess it. If something comes up deal with it then and don't worry about. And when not running, don't think about running. Sounds simple, but (perhaps, sadly) it's taken some work to improve. But, I think I might make it through the winter tear-free. I'll keep you posted!


allanjel said...

Although to each there own, when training under "adverse" conditions I try to remind myself it will NEVER hurt as bad or be as sucky as it is on race day and then on race day when it hurts I think about all the snowy, ice, windy cold, less than stellar runs I forced myself through for this moment and then with a renewed resolve ... I keep going.

Angel_Wings said...

Great blog! Very good help to many I think.