Friday, February 18, 2011

5k Effort

I ran my fastest track workout ever on Tuesday! I'm not sure it's that impressive to anyone, but it is definitely an accomplishment for me. And even that accomplishment is probably more mental than physical, but whatevs!

The plan was to do 6 x 800 @ 5k effort with 400 jogged recoveries. Two weeks ago, I did this workout too. That workout was my first visit to the track in about a year and a half! It went pretty well. I ran basically the same times I was running the last time I hit the track for 800's, averaging 3:03. Since then I've been doing my tempo workouts in the 6:15 range, so I figured I needed to run the 800's a bit faster than 6:06 pace!

I didn't disappoint myself. I managed to run 2:55; 2:58; 2:58; 2:56; 2:59; 2:54! I looked at my log and I think I've ever only run one or two 800's under 3:00 before, so this was good. Very good! Sure, it was hard. Ain't going to lie about that, but the 3:00-plus workouts felt hard too.

I'm going to race a 5k tomorrow. Hopefully, my performance in the race will reflect my workouts. This race isn't exactly on a fast course or anything, but I think I can race well. My goal isn't to run any particular time, but to race the best I can given the course and conditions--basically keep up the intensity over the last uphill windy mile! Wish me luck!


greydawn said...

dang girl you were flying! Yeah for a new PR!

mainers said...

awesome! good luck in the race!

E-Speed said...

I predict 18:26 or better. Time to run sub 6!!! You'll do great! Good luck! And don't forget to draft off some speedy men when you are in that wind, it will make a huge difference!