Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Escape Hatch

So between teaching and contract attorney-ing and column writing and wife-ing and mothering a terrible two year old and an on-the-move 7 month old* I'm starting to think marathon training might need to go out the window. Or at least my expectations of hitting all workouts and the pressure I might otherwise put on myself to run a certain time have officially left the building. And I now have permission to switch to the half if by March 31 the thought of a full marathon is too much.

In other news, Mrp and I have discovered Lost. What a great show to unwind to with my lovey in the evenings and get through winter treadmill runs at 5:30 a.m. All the metaphysical questions! The melodrama! The suspense! The creepy weirdos! On to Season 2!

*Not in order of importance!


Paige said...

Lost is my treadmill show this winter, too!

jsmarslender said...

I watched maybe half of a show during season one and said: How can all these plane-wrecked people still be wearing mascara!? But...since then I've had friends who've loved the show. We might work our way through it sometime.

Glad you're switching rather than pushing for the full - with your schedule you'll feel much better about the training you'll have, and I'm sure you'll run a great race. : ) And soon enough you'll be out on the trails again! (Unless Lost is too big a draw to leave the treadmill, right?)

allanjel said...

Got really addicted to it the last two seasons it was on and have been "lost" without a replacement. Although, I do find Fringe pretty intriguing.

It sounds like you are making decisions regarding running and life in general that you can accept and have peace of mind with -- my hats off to you!!!!

If however, all else fails and drastic measures are needed, use duct tape on everybody and everything. It works wonders ;o)