Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In the Morning

I gotta say there is nothing better than finishing up a run before it's even light out and walking up the basement steps to peace and quiet to start the coffee. It's even a better feeling than sleeping, which is why I keep doing it. Heh!

Today was a slow 8:26 paced slog on the mill. Usually I do hill sprints or strides after my Wednesday run, but my sprinty stridey mucles are pooped! I ran a helluva workout yesterday and my legs are feeling it today!

It actually wasn't that hard, overall. My plan was to run 1600; 1000; 800; 400 with 200 rest progressing from 10k pace down to 3k pace or even faster. For these reps I ran: 6:17; 3:51; 2:53; 1:20. After that set I ran 1 mile at goal half marathon pace (rolled in at 6:27). And then 4 x 200 HARD (38; 37; 36; 36). Each piece of the workout alone wasn't a big deal, but put it all together and it was tough and exhilarating!

My first two reps were a little slower than I had hoped. I wanted to run 6:15 for the mile, but I ran 6:17. For the 1000 I wanted 3:50 and I ran 3:51. It's just an issue with pacing for me. For both reps my first 200 was a little fast and then I over corrected and didn't want to mess with the pacing once I grooved in. For the 800 I just wanted to go under 3:00. I was a bit surprised I pulled out a 2:53. It felt good. I was excited to let the 400 rip! I went for it and ran even 40 second 200 laps for an 80.

I was toasty after the 400. I jogged for 3:00 and then headed off for the hmp mile. I am hoping to run around 1:25 for the half so I was going for 6:30 or so. The 6:27 pace simultaneously felt easy and hard. It felt way slow and I was surprised it was on pace!

I haven't done hard 200's in a looooong time. I always liked the challenge of them. Only once have I ever gone under 37 and that was about 1.5 years ago. I didn't have high hopes for the indoor track, but I went for it. The first one was 38. Ok. That's about right. But I thought I could do better. I was right, the next one was 37. For the third one I focused on really pushing the straights and not worrying about the turns. I really focused and managed my second 36 ever! And then I managed to repeat the performance and end the workout on a very high note.

So, the moral of the story is that there is some speed in these legs. With some hard work and a little work on my mental game, I have high hopes for my spring races!

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great workout!