Sunday, February 13, 2011

Watched Pot

Sometimes I feel frustrated with my fitness. I feel like I've been at the same level since 2007. Sure, I've had two kids since then, but still. It kind of drives me nuts. I have to be able to get faster than this 18:4x; 39:0x; etc. fitness level I've been at for the last almost 4 years now.

After peanut, I got right back there within about 6 months after he was born. This time, I feel like I'm definitely back there. But maybe faster? I have no idea. I want to be faster, but does that mean I am? I haven't done a lot of faster workouts, but my easy paces are a good 20-30 seconds faster than ever. I've never run as fast for a tempo workout as I have these last two weeks. Today after three harder runs in a row the pace just naturally went down to 7:00 and felt easy(ish)--this used to be tempo pace not that long ago. These are good signs ... maybe. I have to wonder if I could have always pushed myself more over the years during my day to day runs and never did?

In the past I always operated under the idea that less intensity more miles was the way to go. Now I'm doing the opposite. Will I end up in the same place under this new approach? I think I need to not think about it, just run and let it happen. As they say, a watched pot never boils.


E-Speed said...

I think you are better now hands down. Here's hoping you get the results you desire this year and that you can set your sights on even more aggressive goals sooner than you thought :)

Janet Edwards said...

Glad to hear you are coming along so well! Hope someday soon we can get out together again!