Sunday, March 27, 2011

Officer Mrp

I came home from my long run and sheepishly admitted to mrp that I averaged 7:17 for my 14 miler, rather than the 7:30 pace I was supposed to. He wagged his finger at me and warned me it would all catch up to me. "But it wasn't that much faster I argued!" He wasn't buying it.

Especially because he's already gotten on my case about the same thing this week. After going a little bit faster than prescribed for my track workout on Tuesday, I went a lot faster than prescribed for my tempo on Thursday and then significantly faster on my moderate run yesterday. Here's what I was supposed to do this week versus what I actually did.

Prescribed Track Workout: 5 x 1000 @ 3:48

Actual Track Workout: 4 @ 3:46 and the last one at 3:43

Prescribed Tempo Workout: 5 miles continuous with 3 @ 6:45; 1 @ 6:35; 1 @ 6:30

Actual Tempo Workout: 6:46; 6:44; 6:34; 6:26; 6:17

Prescribed Moderate Run: 10 @ 7:05

Actual Moderate Run: 10 @ 6:59

Prescribed Long Run: 14 @ 7:30

Actual Long Run: 14 @ 7:17

So, mrp has a point. But I have been feeling great and adequate recovery doesn't seem to be an issue. I have never really been one to go too fast in my workouts. Typically, when I have it's only because my fitness was there. I am just worried that perhaps I am deluding myself and that I want my fitness to support these paces, but it actually doesn't and I'm cruising to overdo it. What do you all think? Is it ok to run faster in workouts or should one always stick as close to the prescribed pace as possible?

For what it's worth, this felt like a great week and I am feeling really strong and happy with how things are going! Yay for that, at least!!!


E-Speed said...

I say ask coach Glenn what he thinks :)

E-Speed said...

And ps you aren't alone I do the same thing many times, but eventually the training will catch up and the prescribed pace will be just fine and dandy until you hit a fitness boost.

Susan said...

Do you use heart rate information? I am just learning about how that--and not pace so much--is how you really can achieve your goals. It can also help you justify running how you "feel" (good or bad).

I do think it's a bit dangerous to always try to better your goals. You start to feel bad when you just meet them.

Good luck and thanks for blogging about your process.