Saturday, March 19, 2011

So Worth It

2010 was a rough year for me as a runner. While I slowed down during my second pregnancy, many of my friends sped up and left me in there dust. After the birth of #2 I was up 35 lbs and slooooow. I plodded along with my running comeback and endured frustrating weeks of pushing two kids in the stroller for every run when the weight seemed like it would never go and my pace would never ever quicken. During these times I often wondered why I bother. Why even try?

Finally, after 8-plus months I feel like I am fitter than I have ever been. I am right back at pre-pregnancy weight and fitting into my old clothes. I feel like I almost look like an athlete again! My kids are amazing and I feel like the luckiest woman alive that I have a wonderful family, my health and the strength to better myself.

Despite the weight gain and toll of back to back pregnancies and nursing for more than two years straight and getting old and hardly sleeping, I am running better than ever! After last Saturday's race and Sunday's quick long run I feel great and have been nailing my workouts. I have never ever felt this good and this confident about my running. I used to plot and plan every run and now I just GET IT DONE when I can and rarely think about it beyond that. Yet, I enjoy every mile so much more than I ever did. Even better, I feel like it's not a matter of if I pr at the half in May, but by how much I pr. I have never really been all that confident in myself as a runner, but for some reason I am now. I just know this is going to be a big year for me. That's why I do it: to prove to myself I can be better. Not just faster, but better. Faster times are certainly one goal, but being a better balancer and being more confident in myself are also goals. And I think I am well on my way to achieving all three.

For those interested. Here's what week 2 of Coach G's half marathon training looks like:

M: easy (5 miles around 8:20 pace)

T: 9 with track: 10 x 400 @ 88 with 90 sec recoveries; 1 x 1600 @ 6:20 with 3:00 between the 400's and the 1600 (85; 85; 85; 85; 86; 85; 85; 85; 85; 84; 6:10)

W: easy (5 miles around 8:20 pace)

Th: 10 with tempo: 6 @ 6:45 (averaged 6:44)

F: easy including 6 x :30 @ 6:00 pace with full recovery (averaged about 8:10 pace)

Sa: 10 @ 7:10 (averaged 7:04--last mile felt amazing and ran a 6:27)

Su: 16 @ 7:45 (we'll see how it goes!)

Total: 60 miles

Long run went great! 7:29 pace for 16 miles. I do have to say I am looking forward to a nice short easy run tomorrow, though.


Mindi said...

Nice! I really can't wait to see how your racing season pans out! Glad to see everything coming together for you.

Theia said...

Congrats! You are super speedy!

E-Speed said...

You are on fire :) Your 2011 is going to be like my 2010 I can just tell!