Friday, March 04, 2011

The Verge

I feel on the verge of a breakthrough. On several occasions lately, I have felt good and just had to push the pace. It felt right! At the end of last Sunday's long run after climbing a monster hill (Oxbow Lane for the locals among us) my training buddy MZ and I started a mile and a half push back to our cars. Prior to said push we speculated about how crappy it would be: "7:20 pace? Nah, come on. We should at least get it down to 7:10." Usually MZ 5-steps me all the way to the parking lot, but this time I felt goooood! I motored in averaging 6:27 for the 1.5 miles.

Sure, this gooooood feeling was not present during my track workout on Tuesday, but by Thursday it had returned. I had been running 2 x 1.5 or 2 x 2 miles with E-Speed and MY who are considerably faster than me just to switch it up and push myself. Typically when I've run with them my tempo miles are between 6:07 and 6:20. (It's not that impressive considering I'm doing relatively short and few repeats!) This week in preparation of big changes to my training that are set to occur on Monday (I'll get to that) I decided to slow down the tempo and do 6 continuous miles. Goal pace was 6:50. I warmed up with E and MY and then they went on to their fancy 6:20 paced tempo and I trotted along.

I was into a headwind for the first half and it felt fairly easy, but I was worried about forcing the pace too early and making the last half of the workout torturous. It was hard to tell if the effort was right given the wind in my face, so I just ran relaxed and let the pace fall where it may. I ran 6:53; 6:52; 6:52. Then I turned around and since I was on the lakefront I did not get the benefit of a tailwind but a fun variable crosswind. Yay! (kidding.) It wasn't that bad, but just annoying after telling myself I'd be out of the wind at the turn around. I kept up the same effort, or at least it seemed that way and ran 6:45 and 6:47. I picked it up over a little hill and through the last half mile and came in with a 6:41 split. I went right into a jog and felt great. I can't remember ever feeling like that after a tempo!

Yes, but what's this big change on Monday, you ask. I am joining E and my friends BB, NC and CV and beginning a new journey under coach G's guidance. Salty has a new coach and a new team of bad ass babes! I am so excited!!! I feel like I am in a good place with running. I have more or less figured out how to get it in with minimal impact on the fam and I have used my desire to run to fuel my continued quest to improve my domestic skills, time management and the like. It's a great motivator and being more disciplined in other areas of my life helps me be disciplined with running and vice versa. And now that I have some direction (coach) and purpose (making me a better person, yo!) I feel like I am embarking on a path to something great. Stay tuned!


Janet Edwards said...

Glad to hear that chipper tone to your post! Hoping you are on the verge and things continue to come together for you!

Coach G has quite the posse of fast chicks!

Kyle the Girl said...

Woot! Looks like you're on the right track toward finding the ever-elusive balance...