Wednesday, April 06, 2011

No Fear

Over the last few weeks I have been training faster than I ever have before. In 2007, when I set most of my pr's I struggled to get through 6 miles 7:00 pace. Last Thursday, I ran 6 miles @ 6:28 pace and didn't struggle at all! Right before I set my 5 mile pr I ran 3 x 1600 @ 6:25-6:26 pace. Last week I ran 4 x 1600 @ 6:11; 6:15; 6:10; 6:06 and it felt like total cake. Also around that time in 2007 I ran a workout that was 6 x 800@ 3:10-3:11 pace. Yesterday I did 5 sets of 800's and 400's with just :30 seconds in between reps and 1:30 in between sets. All but one of the 800's were under 3:00 and that was with an insanely crazy swirling wind.

So, with this in mind I am tackling a 5 mile race on Sunday. If I could run 6:15 pace for 5 miles running those training paces, I KNOW I can run a substantial pr on Sunday. I am working hard not to be intimidated to run low 6's and maybe even a high 5:50 or two. I will not be afraid. I'm going for it! Can't wait!


mainers said...

make sure you go for it Laura! great stuff

Mommy on the Run said...

Awesome!! Keep up the great work and good luck at meeting our PR on Sunday!! ;)

Mindi said...

Awesome - go get 'em!