Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fastest Track Workout Ever!

I am excited. I finally got down to the track to run with my buddies and it was a great night (after braving awful traffic and an acute case of road rage, that is).

1600 in 5:55
3:00 rest

1200 in 4:22
2:30 rest

800 in 2:48
2:00 rest

400 in 78
2:00 rest

800 in 2:48

All reps felt smooth and comfortable and knowing I was going considerably faster than the goal pace I made doubly sure not to hammer over the last 80 meters or so and just cruised. This one has me pumped! And to top it all off I got to hang with good friends on a beautiful night. It was well worth all the hassles to get there. Yay! Now I am going to bed!


E-Speed said...

You did a great job last night! It's so nice when the workouts just flow like that! Glad you made it!

Janet Edwards said...

Wooohoo, way to go and glad to hear everything seems to be clicking right along!