Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wash Outs and Wipe Outs

Training is going great despite this nasty cold rainy spring we're having here. I've run a lot of 1k repeats over the years and yesterday I ran my fastest set ever, ending with a 3:37 and it felt good. It felt good even while dodging the giant puddle in lane one. I am getting psyched for the half on the 15th. My pr, 1:28:38 is soft even for my old fitness level so I'm looking very forward to logging a new one. It would be extra sweet to sneak in under 1:25, but I'll take a well run race regardless of the time. Sub-1:25 is just a matter of time, so if it's not to be in a week and a half, I'm ok with that. On the other hand, if I'm anywhere close at mile 10, I'm burning up that last 5k!

In other news, peanut now likes to go running like mommy. He runs in a circle in our yard and usually wipes out. It is so darn cute. I'm going to need to find a tot run this summer for him. Hopefully, in the meantime he'll learn how to avoid the wipe out :)

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