Monday, May 09, 2011


I think Mother's Day is supposed to be a nice relaxing holiday in which the mother (um, that's me now!) is served breakfast in bed along with cuddles and home made cards and macaroni necklaces. That was not my Mother's Day.

I woke up at 5:45 to get a little work done and drink some coffee before meeting MZ at the park for 12. It was an insanely beautiful morning for a run. Sun rising, 50 degrees, no wind. Perfection! We cruised through 12 in 7:15 pace and then I had to high-tail it home.

I walked in the door and Mrp was in the middle of threatening a time-out to peanut who was jumping on the couch while #2 was climbing over plastic easter eggs and puzzle pieces that were scattered all about. Everyone froze when I walked in. #2 turned her head and gave me a big smile. Peanut stopped his hopping and came running over and gave me a big hug. Mrp whispered to peanut to tell me what he had practiced and instead of that he said, "I wuv you, mommy!" Eventually he said his "Happy Mother's Day," but I'll take an "I wuv you" anytime!

And then I picked up #2 to nurse her and saw there was a nice hot cup of coffee waiting for me by my chair. Best coffee ever!

That was all nice, but then we had to get ready for brunch. Then it was the typical mad scramble to get out the door in time. We had a 40 minute drive and were running late of course. And then we got lost. And the kids were whining. We thought we finally found it. We unpacked the kids. We schlepped to the door and found out we were in the wrong place. AHHHHHHH! Then we drove back a couple of miles and actually found it and it was lovely. But then we had to make a mad dash back to mrp's parents' house so he could pick up his truck which his dad fixed for him so we could get back to our house so we could clean and I could cook dinner for my mom and grandma who were coming over.


So I dropped off mrp and tried my best to keep peanut from conking out in the car so he'd nap at home (succeeded with that!) But then I got home and peanut decided he needed to take care of some business, which is tmi I know, but it takes him about half an hour before he thinks he's done and #2 napped in the car and was wide awake so I couldn't get anything done. And to make matters worse, mrp still wasn't home. I thought he'd be right behind me but it was almost an hour and no mrp.

I finally got peanut changed and down for his nap, but #2 was a fuss-ball. I was about to lose my mind. My mom and grandma were coming over in an hour and I hadn't straightened up a thing or started prepping dinner at all. Finally mrp came home and I blew up at him. He felt awful, but his elderly and forgetful dad wasn't quite finished with the truck afterall and mrp spent all that time putting the tires back on and making it drivable. Although he should have called me to tell me he'd be late, I totally understand that dilemma and wasn't mad at him. Just a little situationally exasperated.

But in the end, I managed to cook some delicious chicken enchilades and enjoyed a lovely dinner with the mom's in my life. Although I have to say once it was all said and done I was pooped, but felt very very wuvved.


JenC said...

While my day wasn't nearly as crazy, I also lamented that it wasn't what I thought it would be. I got up at 5, so I could run 10.5 miles by myself (huge negative split, so that was awesome) from home at 6:40. Then, Matt went for his bike ride which was fine, but when he came back he kept complaining about being tired. After feeding Will lunch, I eventually broke down and said I wanted the day to be at least a little for me not just another typical Sunday. He felt bad, I felt bad, but the rest of the day did feel better once I cleared the air. Motherhood = good times!

Nitsirk said...

I like your phrase "situationally exasperated." I may have to use that one!

RunningMama said...

Hi--I just wanted to thank you for keeping up with my journey even though I haven't been able to keep up with yours (it's too painful to see people moving on with life). The little ones look great and look at all your fast running!!!