Saturday, June 25, 2011

Almost O-N-E

On most Saturday's Coach G has us do a second slower longer tempo run. Today's was 12 miles @ 7:05 pace. I met up with NC and we had a really nice run through the beautiful Chagrin Valley. We engaged in some girl talk and while listening to NC's 25 year old life I felt excited that she is right on the edge of so many wonderful things. And then, in the middle of this run through the luscious green river valley, I realized how lucky I am to have such a great life. I remembered where I was at 25 and where I am now 11 years later. I have an amazing partner in mrp who is my compliment in just about every way. We have two beautiful children who wow us everyday. We have the perfect home for us in the perfect setting. Mrp has a good job, and I have a great career I can fall back on at any time really. And we are healthy and strong and ambitious enough to pursue our hobbies passionately.

And then a few hours later I took both kids clothes shopping at the mall with NC and about lost my mind.


Anyway, life is good. Very good. As we count down the days until Miss #2 turns the big O-N-E, I guess it's a perfect time to take a moment of reflection on a good run. And I've been lucky to have a lot of those lately. I met up with NC and E-speed on Thursday for a 5 mile tempo. I wasn't in quite the appreciative mood I was on today's run as life stress seemed to get the best of me that day. But E and NC, ever the good buddies took my mind off my little problems and helped me log a great tempo. E and I had 5 @ 6:25 on the schedule and NC had 5 @ 6:20. We decided to go for 6:20 as long as no one was straining. No one strained! We had a great run averaging 6:18 for 5. It was definitely work, but it never felt out of tempo effort range. I am super stoked to log my first sub 6:20 tempo and to run just 3 seconds per mile slower than my 5 mile pr on a training run. I think things are really coming together and I have a great back half of 2011 to look forward to! The front half is ending up pretty darn wonderful!

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Janet Edwards said...

You are truly kicking butt and taking names on these workouts!

You are lucky and it is always nice to appreciate where we are at! I sure am always appreciative of all these awesome female runners that I can call some of my best friends!