Sunday, June 12, 2011

Still Out There, Just Hot and Busy

I wilted under the summer heat this week. I had a crappy track workout and then a crappy tempo. Thank goodness I had two good runs this weekend: 10 @ 6:58 yesterday and 14 @ 7:21 today. I wish I had more time to blog, but I've been busy mommying and finishing up some work I needed to get done. I also recently interviewed for a temporary part-time lawyer gig with a large firm. I am supposed to receive the verdict tomorrow. According to the headhunter that hooked me up with the opportunity the firm is going to go with either me or another guy and it will just depend on availability. I assume that means I'm not going to get it, what with the 2 kids and need for babysitting and general lack of schedule flexibility. I am not sure what I want to happen. Part of me is really happy with the current summer schedule we have going on. The kids are happy, mrp and I are happy and life is good. Not sure I want to mess it up! But at the same time the money would be great and it would be nice to sharpen my lawyer knives. So, I guess I can be happy with a yes or a no. In other news, I'm planning #2's first birthday party already! Time sure flies when you're up to your eyeballs in babies having fun!

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