Saturday, July 23, 2011


It seems like all my life I've worked just hard enough to get an A- and then coast along content with being good, but not great. In law school I graduated in the top 6% of my class. That's really good, but I felt content with this and never felt compelled to go for the tippy top. In my jobs I was always content to be just a little better than I needed to be, but never went for the gold.

E and I jumped in a 5k last night. She won and I came in a close third (30 seconds behind E and 8 seconds behind second place). The local paper was there and interviewed us. I read the article this morning. I said I was happy to take third. Who says that?!

At the Johnnycake, there was the fast chick wave of finishers starting with NC and more or less ending with me in 7th place. The next finisher after me was over a minute back. Last night there were three of us up front and the next female runner after me finished 45 seconds after me. I'm seeing a trend: A-. I'm content to be in the back of the fast wave and unmotivated to go for the gold--that is until I'm rehashing the race! Then I berate myself for being a pansy. But I don't think I'm a pansy. I'm just accustomed and comfortable at the back of the top pack.

And even before these two races mrp has told me time and again that I need to become more competitive if I want to run to my potential. Coach G went on and on about the same thing after Johnnycake. Ok. Sounds easy. But how the heck to I go from the content A- girl to getting out there and going for the A? Any ideas, tips, suggestions? I need a running tutor!


Kris said...

It would be hard to make that jump considering you are such good friends with one of the fast girls in your town. I noticed that with myself. When running certain races with a quick friend, I would subliminally think (and sadly be satisfied with) "I'll get second". It's hard to bring out that aggressive drive with friends! I honestly think it is mental in my case and probably yours. Good Luck!! Btw, love the blog. I am a mother too so I love that training with kids perspective.

E-Speed said...

I think if you use your visualization techniques for the next one and visualize passing or holding onto, or going out ahead of those you want to be competitive with your body and mind will respond. Once you believe you can beat me you'll be a huge threat!

On a positive note our interview didn't look nearly as geeky as I worried about, but I am a camera hog. Sorry!

E-Speed said...

ps. I also think to some extent it is not that you aren't competitive, it is that your competitive strategy has in the past been to come from behind. And to it's credit it has worked out well for you many times, the difference is now that you are faster sometimes you have to play the aggressor in order to get the best out of yourself. That or really be prepared to let loose on the back half.

MP said...

I think recognition of your tendency to hang at a comfortable "A-" is a big step in the right direction of reaching your full potential. Many people are too stubborn, or even afraid, to recognize that there is still so much more within them that they can put out there...whether it be with running, their career, or what have you! I truly believe in the power of believing yourself. This will empower you to run fearless! Set your goals high, and realistic, of course, and don't accept anything but the best for yourself!!