Friday, July 08, 2011

No Need to Nail Every One

Resolved: I am not going to worry about not "nailing" every interval or every tempo mile. I am busting my butt (literally if the lingering soreness is any indication) and I am training with three super-fast friends who I am over the moon that I can keep up with at this point. Obviously, I want to nail every workout, but crud, that is just not realistic. I am still logging great workouts in my world and I am just not going to beat myself up about imperfect workouts. The point of my training is not to have a beautiful running log filled with perfect workouts. The point of my training is to log big pr's this year, which I can't do if I'm overtrained or injured.

I have been struggling with my tempos most weeks lately and I was feeling under pressure to nail one so I could feel good about the workout (as if not hitting a split or two or making minor modifications makes for a workout to feel bad about!) The goal last night was 2 x 3 miles @ 6:20; 6:20; 6:15 with no break.

I met NC and E-speed at the park and we rolled out. After a nice 2 mile warm-up on the bridle path we started the tempo. I felt pretty good running 6:17 and 6:18, but my breathing felt a little harder than I would like and my butt was feeling sore, only helped a little bit if I got more toward the middle of the road and off the cambered side.

Somewhere during mile 3 I fell back a little and my pace slowed to the 6:2x's when this was supposed to be faster. This is a slower mile and was last time we ran the route, but my butt was even more sore and I decided that my best bet was to go the opposite way around the upcoming loop while E and NC went the other way and stop and decide whether this was helping me or hurting me. I ended mile 3 near a water fountain and jogged over for a drink and decided that I would try to jump back in when the girls swung by and just see how it goes with no pressure to finish. NC was about 5-10 seconds ahead of E and she encouraged me to jump in with her. I figured why not--I could always fall back and run with E too that way.

According to NC I missed about .8 miles. I didn't look at my watch for almost a mile. I just hit lap on the Garmin when NC's beeped and rolled with her until her last mile. She got ahead of me (she was supposed to run 6:10 for mile 6) and I rolled in a few seconds behind her feeling ok. Turns and trying to hammer made my butt hurt more, but my breathing was way better these last 2.2 miles and I generally felt more relaxed and in a good groove. I ran all but one mile under 6:20 and still got in 5.2 at a good pace.

An imperfect, but good workout. And that, my friends, will have to be good enough!

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E-Speed said...

You did great! Each one will make you a little stronger and allow you to push a little longer. I do think we need to rely less on the Garmin on certain portions of that loop and just go by feel. I really feel like after we enter Progressive and make that first right and then the second left, from there until we turn towards the pool is slightly up and the turns make the garmin pace slower than our effort, but by the time you get to the pool parking lot it gets back in line.

I think working on nailing the first mile and then really only glancing at the garmin once or twice a mile for reference will help. you know what your effort should be, the garmin is just a tool to help us nail it, and as you have posted here it isn't imperative to nail it, it is just imperative to work hard :)