Monday, August 15, 2011

Going on a Diet

I am taking a break from blogging at least until my fall marathon in mid-October. I feel like I'm mentally burned out a bit and any extra thinking about running is not helping. I am going to try to limit my thinking about running to planning runs and not to post-run or race analysis, brooding, etc. So, with that have a great rest of the summer!!!


Janet Edwards said...

Hoping it helps and of course, wishing you the best!

I can't wait until REV3 on 9/11 and then maybe I can run with you some. I keep seeing the posts but my weekends are consumed with biking and bricks.

solarsquirrel said...

Good call - I'll miss your writing style, but these days I just get depressed when I read about other people's workouts! ;)
A break from analyzing and documenting runs may be just what you need.

jsmarslender said...

Just caught up on your recent posts. Enjoy the blogging break! I hope the running but not overthinking the running is good for you. : ) I'm in the States right now and have been LOVING the morning runs outside! Hope you do the same as you prepare for your marathon.