Sunday, September 25, 2011

Because I Like It!

I really feel like I've turned a mental corner. I now realize how much I love training and racing. I love pushing my body, striving and pushing on day-to-day. I also have so many awesome friends to run with and share the joy I feel about running. As usual, it's very duh, but I don't care what times I run. I don't do this for race times. I do this because I enjoy it. If someone told me I could never run a sub-3 marathon or never run a B Standard OTQ'er, I would still do this. I am a better happier person because of running and not because I run x, y or z time in a race!

That being said, I have generally been a much happier and healthier runner lately. I have been able to deviate from the schedule, pull the plug to back off and recover when I needed to. I have enjoyed my workouts so much more and even races.

Ah yes. Races. I did one of those this weekend. It was the dreaded three-week-out-super-double-workout-weekend. I ran 12 miles including the 7.9 mile leg of the Akron Marathon relay on Saturday and then 18 @ 7:22 pace on Sunday. Surprisingly both runs were really good for me. I managed to run 6:18 pace for the 7.9 miles (which were way hillier than I remembered from the speed-bumps and post-pregnancy relays). I felt amazing. My splits reflect the terrain: 6:14; 6:09; 6:22; 6:35; 6:25; 6:19; 6:07; 6:10 pace for the last .9. I wish one of these days I felt that good on a fast course so I could log a big confidence boosting p.r., but this is the same pace as my 10k p.r. and close to my 5 mile p.r. which were both run on faster courses so I can't complain!

The last few long runs have been rough. Maybe it's because I am helping mrp at the farmers market on Saturdays and then trying to do a harder run in the afternoon and then a long run early on Sunday. Not sure. But today's long run felt pretty awesome, save for a hungry\dizzy spell around mile 12, which can be chalked up to not eating enough in between runs.

Anyway, I survived and I feel very ready to take on the marathon once again. And this time I'm really going to have some fun!


Viper said...

You must have been long gone before I shuffled into Canal Park. Awesome job this weekend! Congrats. Cheers!

Mindi said...

Nice work! What marathon are you training for?