Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The 411 on the 3:11

Well, I am still pretty tired so this will be short. I ended up running a 3:11:42. I ran a 1:29:31 first half and then a 1:42:11 second half. Ouch! Basically, I met the marathon wall I have always been afraid of. There's more to it than this, but basically I was running along at 6:50 pace through the half and then started to feel the tiniest bit shaky about things and then fell apart right around 17. I went from 6:50 to 8:00-plus in a matter of feet. I felt nauseous, woozy, heavy, crampy, crazy and suddenly I went from ready to battle whatever came my way to at least pr to surviving to the finish, whatever that took. It was heartbreaking to watch time slip away. Going into this race, pr'ing was not even a question. My pr is soft to begin with, so I figured worst case scenario I'd at least sneak in under 3:10. Ha! Shows what I know!

When you bonk or meet that wall, there is nothing you can do. There is no willing yourself to go faster. There is a pace at which you can keep moving and any faster and it feels like you will totally lose it. Everything came in waves. I'd sob and then rally and want to have fun. I'd start whooping it up and then I'd feel nauseous and get waves of full-body cramping. I must have looked like a drunk!

I knew going into this race that the moderate mileage, high intensity training Coach G has me on is a high risk, high reward kind of training. I only ran two 20 milers and I'm sure that has a lot to do with what happened. There could be a hormonal factor: I had my period and I'm still nursing #2 4-5 times a day. I was stressed the week leading up to the race trying to get ready to leave for the weekend--the first time I've left the kids in 3 years! And even with everything going my way I know I was on the bubble for sub-3.

So who knows why exactly I blew up. But it's always a risk. I went for an aggressive goal. I met the wall and kept at it. I am now never going to be afraid of blowing up again. It sucks, but it's survivable. You recover, you head back out and try again.

The best thing about the race, and the reason #5 will always top my list of best marathons is that I had the best group of supporters ever! Not only did the ever fabulous e-speed run with me from the start line and hook me up with access to the elite runner benefits, but NC and BH roomed with me, drove me to and from Columbus and kept me calm. They made me rad signs and gave me back rubs. Mrp kept the family happy and sacrificed a weekend during the market season for me and gave me pointers and pep talks all along the way. I am one lucky lady.

So, I am not broody this time after not meeting my goal. I am fired up and ready to go out hard and make that breakthrough at the next race. See you at the Turkey Trot!

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